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A simple connector pool for python-ldap.

Project description

A simple connector pool for python-ldap.

The pool keeps LDAP connectors alive and let you reuse them, drastically reducing the time spent to initiate a ldap connection.

The pool has useful features like:

  • transparent reconnection on failures or server restarts

  • configurable pool size and connectors timeouts

  • configurable max lifetime for connectors

  • a context manager to simplify acquiring and releasing a connector

You need python-ldap in order to use this library


To work with the pool, you just need to create it, then use it as a context manager with the connection method:

from ldappool import ConnectionManager

cm = ConnectionManager('ldap://localhost')

with cm.connection('uid=adminuser,ou=logins,dc=mozilla', 'password') as conn:
    .. do something with conn ..

The connector returned by connection is a LDAPObject, that’s binded to the server. See for details on how to use a connector.

It is possible to check the state of the pool by representing the pool as a string:

from ldappool import ConnectionManager

cm = ConnectionManager('ldap://localhost', size=2)

.. do something with cm ..


This will result in output similar to this table:

| Slot (2 max) | Connected |  Active  |       URI        | Lifetime (600 max) |           Bind DN            |
|      1       | connected | inactive | ldap://localhost |  0.00496101379395  | uid=tuser,dc=example,dc=test |
|      2       | connected | inactive | ldap://localhost |  0.00532603263855  | uid=tuser,dc=example,dc=test |

ConnectionManager options

Here are the options you can use when instanciating the pool:

  • uri: ldap server uri [mandatory]

  • bind: default bind that will be used to bind a connector. default: None

  • passwd: default password that will be used to bind a connector. default: None

  • size: pool size. default: 10

  • retry_max: number of attempts when a server is down. default: 3

  • retry_delay: delay in seconds before a retry. default: .1

  • use_tls: activate TLS when connecting. default: False

  • timeout: connector timeout. default: -1

  • use_pool: activates the pool. If False, will recreate a connector each time. default: True

The uri option will accept a comma or whitespace separated list of LDAP server URIs to allow for failover behavior when connection errors are encountered. Connections will be attempted against the servers in order, with retry_max attempts per URI before failing over to the next server.

The connection method takes two options:

  • bind: bind used to connect. If None, uses the pool default’s. default: None

  • passwd: password used to connect. If None, uses the pool default’s. default: None

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