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Helper modules to work with LDAP directories and test LDAP tools against OpenLDAP.

  • ldaptools.ldif_utils: simple parser for LDIF files
  • ldaptools.ldap_source: generate a stream of LDAP entries from an LDAP URL
  • ldaptools.synchronize: synchronization class to synchronize a source of LDAP records with a target
  • ldaptools.paged: an LDAPObject implementating paged search requests
  • ldaptools.ldapsync: a command line client to the Synchronize class
  • ldaptools.slapd: launch a standalone slapd server, manipulate its configuration, it helps in writing tests against OpenLDAP.


usage: ldapsync [-h] –object-class-pivot OBJECT_CLASS_PIVOT
[–attributes-file ATTRIBUTES_FILE] [–attributes ATTRIBUTES] –source-uri SOURCE_URI –source-base-dn SOURCE_BASE_DN [–source-bind-dn SOURCE_BIND_DN] [–source-bind-password SOURCE_BIND_PASSWORD] –target-uri TARGET_URI –target-base-dn TARGET_BASE_DN [–target-bind-dn TARGET_BIND_DN] [–target-bind-password TARGET_BIND_PASSWORD] [–fake] [–verbose]

Synchronize an LDIF file or a source LDAP directory to another directory Base DN of the source is remapped to another DN in the target directory

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--object-class-pivot OBJECT_CLASS_PIVOT
 an objectClass and an attribute name which is the unique identifier for this class
--attributes-file ATTRIBUTES_FILE
 a file containing the list of attributes to synchronize
--attributes ATTRIBUTES
 a list of attribute names separated by spaces
--source-uri SOURCE_URI
 URL of an LDAP directory (ldapi://, ldap:// or ldaps://) or path of and LDIF file
--source-base-dn SOURCE_BASE_DN
 base DN of the source
--source-bind-dn SOURCE_BIND_DN
 bind DN for a source LDAP directory
--source-bind-password SOURCE_BIND_PASSWORD
 bind password for a source LDAP directory
--target-uri TARGET_URI
 URL of the target LDAP directory
--target-base-dn TARGET_BASE_DN
 base DN of the target LDAP directory
--target-bind-dn TARGET_BIND_DN
 bind DN for a target LDAP directory
--target-bind-password TARGET_BIND_PASSWORD
 bind password for a target LDAP directory
--fake compute synchronization actions but do not apply
--verbose print all actions to stdout


Synchronize tree of organizational units and people between an LDIF file and a local OpenLDAP directory:

ldapsync --attributes 'uid cn givenName sn dc ou o description mail member' \
         --object-class-pivot 'inetOrgPerson uid' \
         --object-class-pivot 'organizationalUnit ou' \
         --object-class-pivot 'dcobject dc' \
         --source-uri dump.ldif \
         --source-base-dn dc=myorganization,dc=fr \
         --target-uri ldapi:// \
         --target-base-dn o=myorganization,dc=otherorganization,dc=fr \

Synchronize tree of organizational units and people between two LDAP directories:

ldapsync --attributes 'uid cn givenName sn dc ou o description mail member' \
         --object-class-pivot 'inetOrgPerson uid' \
         --object-class-pivot 'organizationalUnit ou' \
         --object-class-pivot 'dcobject dc' \
         --source-uri ldap:// \
         --source-bind-dn uid=admin,ou=people,dc=myorganization,dc=fr
         --source-bind-password password
         --source-base-dn dc=myorganization,dc=fr \
         --target-uri ldap://
         --target-bind-dn uid=admin,o=myorganization,dc=otherorganization,dc=fr
         --target-bind-password password
         --target-base-dn o=myorganization,dc=otherorganization,dc=fr \



  • fix warnings about file descriptor leaks and python-ldap3 bytes-mode


  • fix conversion of text to bytes in LDIF parser


  • Python3 compatibility
  • fix test certificates


  • add test certificates


  • add support testing with TLS
  • filter objectclass from sources, keep only known ones


  • fix default ACL when creating slapd server
  • fix grammar of LDIF configurations


  • in ldapsync, do not delete records not pertaining to one of the objectclass listed in –object-class-pivot


  • wait for complete stop of the daemon when stopping


  • remove debugging statements


  • fix leak of standard file descriptors from slapd


  • paged: fix paged search when the response contains no paged result extended control
  • improvements to tox script


  • improve display of actions and errors
  • lowercase attributes in dn of LDIF sources
  • fix bug when removing attributes from source outside the permitted attributes
  • allow specifying case insensitive attributes for compare


  • ldapsync: add a –source-filter parameter


  • add empty attribute to new entry if attribute is present in target entry
  • remove attributes outside of the specified attributes from source entries
  • return an empty list of target base DN does no exist
  • convert attribute names to istr
  • fix typo


  • add long description


  • remove debugging print


  • add dependency on setuptools


  • improvements to tox script


  • initial release

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