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Profanity filter, based on Shutterstock dictionary

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Python version of leo-profanity, "Shutterstock" dictionary based filter.


pip install leoprofanity

# or
git clone
cd leo-profanity-python
python install



python -m leoprofanity "I have boob"


from leoprofanity import LeoProfanity

# example usage
fil = LeoProfanity()
fil.check("I have BoOb, etc.") # True
fil.clean("I have BoOb, etc.") # 'I have ****, etc.'

# return all profanity words (List[str])

# remove word form the list

# check whether the string contains profanity word or not
fil.check("Buy classic watches online") # False
fil.check("I have BoOb.") # True

# clean or replace profanity word in a string
fil.clean("I have boob, etc.") # "I have ****"
fil.clean("I have boob,boob, ass, and etc.") # "I have ****,****, ***, and etc."
fil.clean("I have boob", "+") # "I have ++++"
fil.clean("Buy classic watches online") # "Buy classic watches online"

# add new word(s)
fil.add(["b@@b", "b##b"])

# remove word(s) from the list
fil.remove(["boob", "boobs"])

# reset word list by using en dictionary

# remove all words inside an existing list

# return word list from dictionary
fil.get_dictionary() # returns "en" word list

# reset word list by using en dictionary


# env
conda env list
conda create --name leoprofanity python=3.7

# test
python -m unittest tests/*.py # run unit test

# format
flake8 --max-line-length=120 --exclude=__*.py
black . --check
pytype ./leoprofanity

# publishing
pip install twine # package for publishing
python sdist bdist_wheel # build the package
tar tzf dist/leoprofanity-0.0.1.tar.gz # check published file in the published package
twine check dist/* # if the package render correctly
python -m pip install dist/leoprofanity-0.0.1-py3-none-any.whl # for testing, install local to global
python -m leoprofanity "I have boob, etc." # testing the package via cli
twine upload --repository-url dist/* --verbose # publishing (test)
twine upload dist/* # publishing
pip install leoprofanity -U # force update module to test after publishing

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