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Easy-to-use logging-configuration using a logging.yml-file.

Project description


libranet_logging is an easy to use logging-configuration reading the configuration for loggers, handlers, filters and formatters from a logging.yml-file.

Overview urls

Why use logging?

Logfiles are your best-friend

  • during development, where debugmode is developmentmode

  • more important: while running in PRD, - it shows how the application is being used, by whom, and if it’s successfull - allows to become pro-active. There is no need to wait for bugreports from users.

  • most important: during urgent troubleshooting on PRD (AKA panic-mode) - heisenbugs, difficult to reproduce.

Goal of libranet_logging

Make it as easy as possible to enable and properly use the full power of the python logging-framework

python logging-module contains:
  • loggers, hierarchical

  • handlers - formatters - filters

Think of logger=message-channel, handler=subscriber to a channel

Minimize the need to make changes in code

Move all config out of code and into a config-file “logging.yml”

  • logging to a file should be as simple as:
    >>> import logging
    >>> logging.getLogger('panicmode')



1.3 (2023-01-24)

  • No longer try to be smart about interactive mode or not. You can set the active logging-handlers by setting the env-var LOG_HANDLERS`

  • Remove disable_console as input-parameter to libranet_logging.initialize().

  • Change default separator from ; to |. Use set via env-var LOG_HANDLERS.

1.2 (2021-06-06)

  • Fix logo. [WVH]

  • Add .gitlab-ci.yml [WVH]

1.1 (2020-02-13)

  • Fix error ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'libranet_logging.version'. [WVH]

1.0 (2020-02-12)

  • Move __version__-attribute to __init__. [WVH]

  • Package libranet_logging forked from WVH’s unreleased package. [WVH]

0.5 (2019-08-19)

  • Add docstrings and type-hinting.

  • Fix a series of issues reported by pylint.

  • Change function-signature of libranet_logging.yaml.read_yml: change vars into variables to avoid shadowing the buitlin vars()-function:

    >>> config = read_yaml(path, vars=None)
    >>> config = read_yaml(path, variables=None)

0.4 (2019-07-31)

  • Add with a __version__-attribute, rework version-management.

  • In set minimum-requirements for cerberus >=1.3.1. [WVH]

0.3 (2019-05-28)

  • In sphinx-docs, add link to coverage-report on [WVH]

  • In Makefile add step`` copy-cov`` to copy coverage-report to apache-webdirectory. [WVH]

  • In libranet_logging.yaml.read_yaml cdefault vars to empty dicts when not provided. [WVH]

  • In libranet_logging.logconfig.logging_schema rename valueschema to valuesrules to avoid DeprecationWarnings. [WVH]

0.2 (2019-03-28)

  • Make libranet_logging.yaml.read_yaml compatible with PyYAML 5.1, but keep backwards-compatibility with older versions. [WVH] Cfr:


0.1 (2019-03-28)

  • Add support for simple string-formatting in the loggin.yml. [WVH]

  • Use isort to manage the imports. Add isort-config to setup.cfg. [WVH]

  • Introduce environment-variable PYTHON_CONSOLE_FORMATTER to select which console-formatter to use. [WVH]

  • Rename colored-console-formatter into console_color and add console_bw-formatter for simpe black & white logging in the console. [WVH]

  • Add flask_wtf-handler in default logging.yml. [WVH]

  • If the log-directory does not yet exist, we now create it. [WVH]

  • We should have a user-specific default location to avoid interference between users. The log-directory will be first taken from th direct function-parameters, then from the logging.yml if present. If not present, from the env-var PYTHON_LOG_CONFIG, and in case of no env-var we default to $HOME/logs instead of var/tmp/python. [WVH]

  • Support setting the log-directory via the initialize-function. [WVH]

  • Fix failing test test_initialize_without_logging_tree. It was failing when the env-var PYTHON_ENABLE_LOGGING_TREE was not set. [WVH]

  • Fix failing test of the click-command cli.print_logging_tree. [WVH]

  • Add new testing-dependency pytest-click. [WVH]

  • Convert cli.print_logging_tree to a click-command, accepting an optional path-argument. If the environment-variable PYTHON_LOG_CONFIG is set, we use that value as the path-default. [WVH]

  • Add click as a new dependency. [WVH]

  • Add documentation about unittesting. [WVH]

  • We now support arrays in environment-variables. Environment-variables containing a ; are now converted to a list similar to the default value if that env-variable was not set. [WVH]

  • Fix filters.RegexFilter to use search() instead of match(). Cfr. [WVH]

  • Add passing unit-tests. [WVH]

  • In initialize() allow Path-parameters as input instead of only string-paths. [WVH]

  • Generally make the code robust in case of loading a logging.yml with schema-errors. [WVH]

  • Add console-entrypoint libranet-logging-print-logging-tree to initialize the logging and print the logging-tree to the standard output. Add corresponding function in new libranet_logging.cli-module. [WVH]

  • Add function-paramater use_print=False to logconfig.show_logging_tree to enable printing to standard output instead of logging to the configured loggers. [WVH]

  • If we call initialize() without providing a path of setting the environmant-variable PYTHON_LOG_CONFIG, we now use the default logging.yml shipped with this libranet_logging-package. [WVH]

  • Add logger libranet_logging to our default logging.yml. [WVH]

  • Instantiate the correct logger using __name__ instead of logging to the root-logger. [WVH]

  • Add recommonmark and update to allow markdown in docs. Cfr. [WVH]

  • In and docs/pip-requirements add sphinx-related dependencies. [WVH]

  • Simplify public api:

    • Rename function loglevel.create_loglevel into loglevel.create.

    • Rename function logconfig.initialize_logging into logconfig.initialize.


  • Run Black on the code. Black is a code-formatter for Python. Cfr. [WVH]

  • Add some basic Sphinx-based documentation. [WVH]

  • Factor out creating new loglevels into its own loglevel-module. [WVH]

  • Factor out logging-filters into its own filters-module. [WVH]

  • Add third-party dependency colorlog. This is not a code-dependency but rather a dependency of logging.yml. [WVH]

  • Add third-party dependencies cerberus, logging_tree and PyYAML. [WVH]

  • Move logging-related code from libdl.utils into its own libranet_logging-package. [WVH]

  • Package created via cookiecutter templates/cookiecutter-libranet-python-package. [Wouter Vanden Hove <>]


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