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A nmigen (HDL) IEEE754 Floating-Point library

Project description

# IEEE754 Floating-Point ALU, in nmigen

This project implements a pipelined IEEE754 floating-point ALU that supports FP16, FP32 and FP64. It is a general-purpose unit that may be used in any project (not limited to one specific processor).

Developed under a Grant from NLnet (, more information may be found at

# Requirements

  • nmigen

  • libresoc-nmutil

  • yosys (latest git repository, required by nmigen)

  • sfpy (running unit tests). provides python bindings to berkeley softfloat-3

# Building sfpy

The standard sfpy will not work without being modified to the type of IEEE754 FP emulation being tested. This FPU is emulating RISC-V, and there is some weirdness in x86 IEEE754 implementations when it comes to FP16 non-canonical NaNs.

The following modifications are required to the sfpy berkeley-softfloat-3 submodule:

cd /path/to/sfpy/berkeley-softfloat-3 git apply /path/to/ieee754fpu/berkeley-softfloat.patch

The following modifications are required to the sfpy SoftPosit Makefile:

cd /path/to/sfpy/SoftPosit git apply /path/to/ieee754fpu/SoftPosit.patch

# Useful resources

Project details

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libresoc-ieee754fpu-0.0.1.tar.gz (186.9 kB view hashes)

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