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Python SDK for libSQL

Project description

Python SDK for libSQL

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This is the source repository of the Python SDK for libSQL. You can either connect to a local SQLite database or to a remote libSQL server (sqld).

NOTE: If you want to use libSQL with SQLAlchemy, you should check out the libSQL dialect.


pip install libsql-client

Getting Started

Connecting to a local SQLite database:

import asyncio
import libsql_client

async def main():
    url = "file:local.db"
    async with libsql_client.create_client(url) as client:
        result_set = await client.execute("SELECT * from users")
        print(len(result_set.rows), "rows")
        for row in result_set.rows:

To connect to a remote libSQL server (sqld), just change the URL:

url = "ws://localhost:8080"

Supported URLs

The client can connect to the database using different methods depending on the scheme (protocol) of the passed URL:

  • file: connects to a local SQLite database (using the builtin sqlite3 package)
    • file:/absolute/path or file:///absolute/path is an absolute path on local filesystem
    • file:relative/path is a relative path on local filesystem
    • (file://path is not a valid URL)
  • ws: or wss: connect to sqld using WebSockets (the Hrana protocol).
  • http: or https: connect to sqld using HTTP. The transaction() API is not available in this case.
  • libsql: is equivalent to wss:.

Synchronous API

This package also provides a synchronous version of the client, which can be created by calling create_client_sync(). It supports the same methods as the default asyncio client, except that they block the calling thread:

import libsql_client

url = "file:local.db"
with libsql_client.create_client_sync(url) as client:
    result_set = client.execute("SELECT * from users")
    print(len(result_set.rows), "rows")
    for row in result_set.rows:

The synchronous client is just a thin wrapper around the asynchronous client, but it runs the event loop in a background thread.

Contributing to this package

First, please install Python and Poetry. To install all dependencies for local development to a virtual environment, run:

poetry install --with dev

To run the tests, use:

poetry run pytest

To check types with MyPy, use:

poetry run mypy


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in libsql-client by you, shall be licensed as MIT, without any additional terms or conditions.

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