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A Python cffi port of libtcod.

Project description


This projects API and documentation has been merged back into python-tdl.


5.0.0 - 2017-07-19

  • This project was merged back into python-tdl

4.0.0 - 2017-06-29

  • Console instances can now be pickled.

  • get_cffi_callback renamed to get_tcod_path_ffi and must now return width and height values. All returned values will be kept alive by the caller.

  • Image.get_pixel now returns a tuple instead of a CData instance.

  • SDL is now initialized lazily. It should be easier to import BearLibTerminal along side this library.

3.0.0 - 2017-06-24

  • PyPy v5.7/v5.8 wheels added to PyPi.

  • Pickle support for tcod.path classes.

  • Added wrapper classes EdgeCostCallback and NodeCostArray to tcod.path

  • AStar and Dijkstra no longer take the width or height parameters. You now set these parameters via EdgeCostCallback.

  • Resolved an issue where pip install would clobber NumPyPy.

  • Removed broken tdl-style int/color conversions from Color.

2.5.0 - 2017-05-28

  • Pickle-able objects will have any subclasses pickled correctly now. The new objects can not be unpickled on older versions of libtcod-cffi.

  • Updated cdata attribute names in Map, Console, and Random.

2.4.4 - 2017-05-20

  • Fixed crashes when exiting on some systems.

2.4.3 - 2017-04-10

  • Fixed signatures for MacOS builds.

2.4.2 - 2017-04-10

  • Dropped support for Python3.3

2.4.1 - 2017-04-07

  • Made sure MacOS dependencies are bundled correctly.

2.4.0 - 2017-04-03

  • Renderer regressions fixed, OpenGL and GLSL renderer’s are available again.

  • The default renderer is now GLSL.

  • tcod clipboard functions which were never fully implemented removed.

2.3.0 - 2017-03-15

  • Added support for loading/saving REXPaint files.

  • Console methods should be safe to use before a root console is initialized.

  • Fixed simplex noise artifacts when using negative coordinates.

  • Fixed backward compatible API inconsistencies with color indexes, console truth values, and line_iter missing the starting point.

  • The SDL callback should always receive an SDL_Surface.

2.2.1 - 2017-03-12

  • Fixed Console.print_frame not printing anything.

  • Fixed Noise.sample_ogrid alignment issue.

  • MacOS builds should work even if the system installed SDL2 library is old.

2.2.0 - 2017-02-18

  • You can now sample very large noise arrays using the Noise.sample_mgrid and Noise.sample_ogrid methods.

  • Noise class now supports pickle and copy modules.

2.1.0 - 2017-02-16

  • The root Console instance can now be used as a context manager. Closing the graphical window when the context exits.

  • Ported libtcod functions: sys_clipboard_get and sys_clipboard_set.

2.0.0 - 2017-02-11

  • Random instances can be copied and pickled.

  • Map instances can be copied and pickled.

  • The Map class now has the transparent, walkable, and fov attribues, you can assign to these as if they were numpy arrays.

  • Pathfinders in tcod.path can be given a numpy array as a cost map.

  • Color instances can now be compared with any standard sequence.

  • You might see a public cdata attribute on some classes, this attribute will be renamed at anytime.

  • Console.print_str is now Console.print_

  • Some Console methods have been merged together.

  • All litcod-cffi classes have been moved to their own submodules.

  • Random methods renamed to be more like Python’s standard random module.

  • Noise class had multiple methods replaced by an implementation attribute.

  • libtcod-cffi classes and subpackages are not included in the tcod namespace by default.

  • Many redundant methods were removed from the Random class.

  • Map methods set_properies, clear, is_in_fov, is_walkable, and is_transparent were remvoed.

  • Pathfinding classmethod constructors are gone already. Not it’s just one constructor which accepts multiple kinds of maps.

  • Python 2 now uses the latin-1 codec when automatically coverting to Unicode.

2.0a4 - 2017-01-09

  • Console instances now have the fg,bg,ch attributes. These attributes are numpy arrays with direct access to libtcod console memory.

  • Console default variables are now accessed using properties instead of method calls. Same with width and height.

  • Path-finding classes new use special classmethod constructors instead of tradional class instancing.

  • Color to string conversion reverted to its original repr behaviour.

  • Console.get_char* methods removed in favor of the fg,bg,ch attributes.

  • Console.fill removed. This code was redundant with the new additions.

  • Console.get_default_*/set_default_* methods removed.

  • Console.get_width/height removed.

  • Dijkstra.get_path fixed.

2.0a3 - 2017-01-02

  • The numpy module is now required as a dependency.

  • The SDL.h and libtcod_int.h headers are now included in the cffi back-end.

  • Added the AStar and Dijkstra classes with simplified behaviour.

  • Added the BSP class which better represents bsp data attributes.

  • Added the Image class with methods mimicking libtcodpy behaviour.

  • Added the Map class with methods mimicking libtcodpy behaviour.

  • Added the Noise class. This class behaves similar to the tdl Noise class.

  • Added the Random class. This class provides a large variety of methods instead of being state based like in libtcodpy.

  • Color objects can new be converted into a 3 byte string used in libtcod color control operations.

  • heightmap functions can now accept carefully formatted numpy arrays.

  • Removed the keyboard repeat functions: console_set_keyboard_repeat and console_disable_keyboard_repeat.

2.0a2 - 2016-10-30

  • FrozenColor class removed.

  • Color class now uses a properly set up __repr__ method.

  • Functions which take the fmt parameter will now escape the ‘%’ symbol before sending the string to a C printf call.

  • Now using Google-Style docstrings.

  • Console class has most of its relevant methods.

  • Added the Console.fill function which needs only 3 numpy arrays instead of the usual 7 to cover all Console data.

2.0a1 - 2016-10-16

  • The userData parameter was added back. Functions which use it are marked depreciated.

  • Python exceptions will now propagate out of libtcod callbacks.

  • Some libtcod object oriented functions now have Python class methods associated with them (only BSP for now, more will be added later.)

  • Regression tests were added. Focusing on backwards compatibilty with libtcodpy. Several neglected functions were fixed during this.

  • All libtcod allocations are handled by the Python garbage collector. You’ll no longer have to call the delete functions on each object.

  • Now generates documentation for Read the Docs. You can find the latest documentation for libtcod-cffi here.

2.0a0 - 2016-10-05

  • updated to compile with libtcod-1.6.2 and SDL-2.0.4

1.0 - 2016-09-25

  • sub packages have been removed to follow the libtcodpy API more closely

  • bsp and pathfinding functions which take a callback no longer have the userdata parameter, if you need to pass data then you should use functools, methods, or enclosing scope rules

  • numpy buffer alignment issues on some 64-bit OS’s fixed

0.3 - 2016-09-24

  • switched to using pycparser to compile libtcod headers, this may have included many more functions in tcod’s namespace than before

  • parser custom listener fixed again, likely for good

0.2.12 - 2016-09-16

  • version increment due to how extremely broken the non-Windows builds were (false alarm, this module is just really hard to run integrated tests on)

0.2.11 - 2016-09-16

  • SDL is now bundled correctly in all Python wheels

0.2.10 - 2016-09-13

  • now using GitHub integrations, gaps in platform support have been filled, there should now be wheels for Mac OSX and 64-bit Python on Windows

  • the building process was simplified from a linking standpoint, most libraries are now statically linked

  • parser module is broken again

0.2.9 - 2016-09-01

  • Fixed crashes in list and parser modules

0.2.8 - 2016-03-11

  • Fixed off by one error in fov buffer

0.2.7 - 2016-01-21

  • Re-factored some code to reduce compiler warnings

  • Instructions on how to solve pip/cffi issues added to the readme

  • Official support for Python 3.5

0.2.6 - 2015-10-28

  • Added requirements.txt to fix a common pip/cffi issue.

  • Provided SDL headers are now for Windows only.

0.2.5 - 2015-10-28

  • Added /usr/include/SDL to include path

0.2.4 - 2015-10-28

  • Compiler will now use distribution specific SDL header files before falling back on the included header files.

0.2.3 - 2015-07-13

  • better Color performance

  • parser now works when using a custom listener class

  • SDL renderer callback now receives a accessible SDL_Surface cdata object.

0.2.2 - 2015-07-01

  • This module can now compile and link properly on Linux

0.2.1 - 2015-06-29

  • console_check_for_keypress and console_wait_for_keypress will work now

  • console_fill_foreground was fixed

  • console_init_root can now accept a regular string on Python 3

0.2.0 - 2015-06-27

  • The library is now backwards compatible with the original module. Everything except libtcod’s cfg parser is supported.

0.1.0 - 2015-06-22

  • First version released

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