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Pure-python wrapper for libusb-1.0

Project description

Pure-python wrapper for libusb-1.0

Supports all transfer types, both in synchronous and asynchronous mode.




  • Python 2.4+ required, 2.6+ recommended

    Python 3.x somewhat tested

    pypy somewhat tested, 1.9 has a bug affecting python-libusb, which is fixed in their HG

  • ctypes (included in Python 2.5+)

  • libusb-1.0

    libusbx should work, too


python-libusb1 is expected to work on any OS supported by libusb. It can be expected to work on:

  • GNU/Linux

  • Windows

    not libusb-win32 (this is libusb0.1, the old API)

  • Cygwin

  • OSX (macports, fink, homebrew)

    (beware of possible lack of select.poll support in python)

  • FreeBSD

    libusb reimplementation: (including Debian GNU/kFreeBSD)

  • OpenBSD


python install

(you might need root access to do this)


python-libusb1 follows libusb1.0 documentation as closely as possible, without taking decisions for you. Thanks to this, python-libusb1 does not need to duplicate the nice existing libusb1.0 documentation.

Some description is needed though on how to jump from libusb1.0 documentation to python-libusb1, and vice-versa.

libusb1 module is a ctypes translation of libusb1.h file, including all macros, constants and enums. You should not need to call any function from this module, but will probably need to import it for the constants.

usb1 module wraps libusb1 functions so caller does not need to worry about ctype. It regroup them as class methods, the first parameter (when it’s a libusb_... pointer) defining the class the fonction belongs to. Examples:

  • int libusb_init (libusb_context **context) becomes USBContext class constructor

  • ssize_t libusb_get_device_list (libusb_context *ctx, libusb_device ***list) becomes an USBContext method, returning a list of USBDevice instances

  • uint8_t libusb_get_bus_number (libusb_device *dev) becomes an USBDevice method

Functions returning an error status instead raise libusb1.USBError instances, with the status as value.

It wraps further some functions which are otherwise not so convenient to call from Python: the event handling API needed by async API. Those classes are docstring-documented, so using pydoc is recommended.

Contents of source distribution


    Bare ctype wrapper, inspired from library C header file.


    Python-ish (classes, exceptions, …) wrapper around . See docstrings (pydoc recommended) for usage.


    To package as python egg.

  • stdeb.cfg

    To package as Debian package. See .


    Very limited regression test, only testing functions which do not require a USB device.



Initial release


Massive rework of, making it more python-ish and fixing some memory leaks.


Deprecate “transfer” constructor parameter to allow instance reuse.


Some work on isochronous “in” transfers. They don’t raise exceptions anymore, but data validity and python-induced latency impact weren’t properly checked.


Fix asynchronous configuration transfers.

Stand-alone polling thread for multi-threaded apps.

More libusb methods exposed on objects, including ones not yet part of released libusb versions (up to their commit 4630fc2).

2to3 friendly.

Drop deprecated USBDevice.reprConfigurations method.


Add FreeBSD support.


Add Cygwin support.

OpenBSD support checked (no change).


Add fink and homebrew support on OSX.

Drop PATH_MAX definition.

Try harder when looking for libusb.


Fix FreeBSD ABI compatibility.

Easier to list connected devices.

Easier to terminate all async transfers for clean exit.

Fix few segfault causes.

pypy support.


Descriptor walk API documented.

Version and capability APIs exposed.

Some portability fixes (OSes, python versions).

Isochronous transfer refuses to round transfer size.

Better exception handling in enumeration.

Add examples.

Better documentation.

See also

Other projects, different author

  • pyusb: another python wrapper for (among others) libusb1. Does not support asynchronous API, nor isochorous transfers.

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