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Python interface to LibVMI

Project description

Libvmi Python bindings

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If you'd rather perform introspection using Python instead of C, then these bindings will help get you going.

The bindings are Python 2 compatible.


  • python3-pkgconfig
  • python3-cffi (> 1.6.0)
  • python3-future
  • libvmi


python build
python install



The main class that you need to import is Libvmi.

The default parameters uses VMI_CONFIG_GLOBAL_FILE_ENTRY and calls vmi_init_complete:

from libvmi import Libvmi

with Libvmi("Windows_7") as vmi:
    os = vmi.get_ostype()

You can specify a string (VMI_CONFIG_STRING):

from libvmi import Libvmi, VMIConfig

config_str = '{ostype = "Windows";win_pdbase=0x28;win_pid=0x180;win_tasks=0x188;win_pname=0x2e0;}'

with Libvmi("Windows_7", mode=VMIConfig.STRING, config=config_str) as vmi:
    os = vmi.get_ostype()


from libvmi import Libvmi, VMIConfig

hash = {
    "ostype": "Windows",
    "win_pdbase": 0x28,
    "win_tasks": 0x188,
    "win_pid": 0x180,
    "win_pname": 0x2e0,

with Libvmi("Windows_7", mode=VMIConfig.DICT, config=hash) as vmi:
    os = vmi.get_ostype()

You can also use a partial initialization, which calls vmi_init. (It doesn't require a configuration):

from libvmi import Libvmi

with Libvmi("Windows_7", partial=True) as vmi:


from libvmi import Libvmi, AccessContext, TranslateMechanism

with Libvmi("Windows_7") as vmi:
    pshead = vmi.read_addr_ksym("PsActiveProcessHead")
    name = vmi.get_name()
    id = vmi.get_vmid()
    buffer, bytes_read = vmi.read_va(pshead, 4, 16)
    vmi.write_va(pshead, 4, buffer)
    ctx = AccessContext(TranslateMechanism.KERNEL_SYMBOL, ksym="PsActiveProcessHead")
    buffer, bytes_read =, 8)

Note: The implementation already checks if the return value is VMI_FAILURE and raises a LibvmiError in such case.



You can use the volatlity framework directly in top of the bindings.

git clone /tmp
cp ./volatility/ /tmp/volatility/volatility/plugins/addrspaces/


python -l vmi://domain --profile=Win7SP0x64 pslist


The Rekall address space is already integrated upstream.


rekall -f vmi://domain pslist


  • Bryan D. Payne
  • Mathieu Tarral

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