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Scrape links from a single web page

Project description

Link Grabber

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Link Grabber provides a quick and easy way to grab links from
a single web page. This python package is a simple wrapper
around `BeautifulSoup <>`_, focusing on grabbing HTML's
hyperlink tag, "a."


* Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4
* BeautifulSoup
* Requests
* Six


.. code:: bash

$ python install


.. code:: bash

$ pip install linkGrabber


.. code:: python

import re
import linkGrabber

links = linkGrabber.Links("")
# limit the number of "a" tags to 5
# filter the "a" tag href attribute



* filters (dict): Beautiful Soup's filters as a dictionary
* limit (int): Limit the number of links in sequential order
* reverse (bool): Reverses how the list of <a> tags are sorted
* sort (function): Accepts a function that accepts which key to sort upon
within the List class

Find all links that have a style containing "11px"

.. code:: python

import re
from linkGrabber import Links

links = Links("")
links.find(style=re.compile("11px"), limit=5)

Reverse the sort before limiting links:

.. code:: python

from linkGrabber import Links

links = Links("")
links.find(limit=2, reverse=True)

Sort by a link's attribute:

.. code:: python

from linkGrabber import Links

links = Links("")
links.find(limit=3, sort=lambda key: key['text'])

Exclude text:

.. code:: python

import re

from linkGrabber import Links

links = Links("")
links.find(exclude=[{ "text": re.compile("Read More") }])

Remove duplicate URLs and make the output pretty:

.. code:: python

from linkGrabber import Links

links = Links("")
links.find(duplicates=False, pretty=True)

Link Dictionary

All attrs from BeautifulSoup's Tag object are available in the dictionary
as well as a few extras:

* text (text inbetween the <a></a> tag)
* seo (parse all text after last "/" in URL and attempt to make it human readable)


v0.3.1 (11/09/2017)

* :bug: `find` would fail when not providing a `href` property [6]( @MohamedHuzien

v.0.3.0 (7/09/2015)

* Added parser parameter to Links class
* Default parser set to lxml

v.0.2.10 (7/09/2015

* Added six as a dependency

v0.2.9 (1/24/2014)

* Updated documentation

v0.2.8 (10/23/2014)

* Added better documentation

v0.2.7 (06/25/2014)

* Fixed exclude for non-iterable strings

v0.2.6 (06/25/2014)

* Exclude parameter is now a list of dictionaries
* Added pretty property
* Added duplicates property which will remove any identical URLs
* Added more tests
* Added better docs

v0.2.5 (06/23/2014)

* Added exclude parameter to Links.find() which removes
links that match certain criteria

v0.2.4 (06/10/2014)

* Updated documentation to be better read on pypi
* Removed and moved it to
* Now using nose for unit testing

v0.2.3 (05/22/2014)

* Updated setup py file and some verbage

v0.2.2 (05/19/2014)

* linkGrabber.Links.find() now responds with all Tag.attrs
from BeautifulSoup4 as well as 'text' and 'seo' keys

v0.2.1 (05/18/2014)

* Added more tests

v0.2.0 (05/17/2014)

* Modified naming convention, reduced codebase, more readable structure

v0.1.9 (05/17/2014)

* Python 3.4 compatability

v0.1.8 (05/16/2014)

* Changed paramerter names to better reflect functionality

v0.1.7 (05/16/2014)

* Update README

v0.1.6 (05/16/2014)

* Update README with more examples

v0.1.5 (05/16/2014)

* Updated find_links to accept link_reverse=(bool) and link_sort=(function)

v0.1.0 (05/16/2014)

* Initial release.

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