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A configurable LISP dialect that can call python code

Project description

An extension of Peter Norvig’s lispy ( which includes the ability to access symbols from python packages as if they were written in lispy.

This experiment was initially intended to let me play with scheme while still having access to python’s batteries.


I’ve been writing a lot of python code, and I love the python ecosystem. It has wonderful tools for web application development (Django, Flask, Pyramid), data munging (Beautiful Soup, requests) and data analysis (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, IPython). I’d like to learn more about the internal implementation of python, its introspection abilities and its design decisions. I’d also like to better understand the LISP ecosystem, what better way than implementing a LISP in python.

Current Features

  • A minimal scheme implementation in Python (based on Peter Norvig’s lispy)

  • A scheme implementation which can call python functions within the same process

  • The begining of a “dialect framework” which will allow customized lisp dialects with changes to the lanage implemented in either python or a lispy dialect


This is currently a pet project to facilitate learning the LISP and scheme ecosystems and to bring about a better understanding of the theory and complexity of language design. My roadmap includes several additions to lispy to make it a toolkit for python developers who might be interested in dipping their toe in LISP. For functionality that’s left to be implemented please check the issue tracker for the project at

Project details

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