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DeepSpeech as a (Docker) Service for IBus

Project description

Listener (v2) Voice Dictation as a (Docker) Service for IBus

Listener is a voice dictation service for Linux desk tops which uses the Mozilla Deep Speech engine to provide the basic recognition services and focuses on providing sufficient accuracy and services to allow for coding common programming languages.

My goal with this project is to create an input method for those who have difficulty typing with their hands (such as myself), with a focus on allowing coding by voice. My personal focus is not to allow for hands free operation of the machine.

Current Status of the Project

The current state of the project is a proof of concept, what works:

  • typing content into visual studio code, kate, and google chrome
  • the start of basic punctuation capitalization et cetera driven by user editable rules files


  • create a docker container with a working deepspeech release [done]
  • get basic working dictation into arbitrary applications working [done]
  • create a control-panel application [started]
  • create punctuation and control short cuts and phrases [started]
  • allow for switching language models for different programming contexts and providing current-context hints such as class methods, modules, etc from the language server
  • create language models which are dictation aware, so that the common dictation short cuts such as cap X have higher priorities
  • track interaction and key press events to allow for pauses in dictation without extra spaces this will have to happen in the IBus component in order to get proper notification
  • send special keys (tab, enter, and modifiers to start with) [proof of concept done]
  • create a "correct that" GUI (with other predictions and free-form editing)
  • create a control panel allowing for one click toggling of listening
  • cut down the container to a more reasonable size
  • maybe create an DBus service for the core code [started]


  • pacat sends audio to a named socket

  • a docker container runs Mozilla DeepSpeech hardware-accelerated by your host OS's (NVidia) graphics card

    • the container reads the audio from a pipe and reports results to a user-local event-socket
  • an interpreter process listens to the event and attempts to interpret the results according to the users rules, and eventually custom language models

  • an IBus Engine that allows the results of the recognition to be treated as regular input to the (Linux) host operating system

  • a UInput mechanism that allows for the introduction of special characters as though they were typed directly into a keyboard


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