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Locally serve geospatial raster tiles in the Slippy Map standard.

Project description


🌐 Local Tile Server for Geospatial Rasters

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Need to visualize a rather large (gigabytes+) raster? This is for you.

A Python package for serving tiles from large raster files in the Slippy Maps standard (i.e., /zoom/x/y.png) for visualization in Jupyter with ipyleaflet or folium.

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Built on rio-tiler

🌟 Highlights

  • Launch a tile server for large geospatial images
  • View local or remote* raster files with ipyleaflet or folium in Jupyter
  • View rasters with CesiumJS with the built-in web application

*remote raster files should be pre-tiled Cloud Optimized GeoTiffs

🚀 Usage

Usage details and examples can be found in the documentation:

The following is a minimal example to visualize a local raster file with ipyleaflet:

from localtileserver import get_leaflet_tile_layer, TileClient
from ipyleaflet import Map

# First, create a tile server from local raster file
client = TileClient('path/to/geo.tif')

# Create ipyleaflet tile layer from that server
t = get_leaflet_tile_layer(client)

m = Map(, zoom=client.default_zoom)


ℹ️ Overview

The TileClient class can be used to to launch a tile server in a background thread which will serve raster imagery to a viewer (usually ipyleaflet or folium in Jupyter notebooks).

This tile server can efficiently deliver varying resolutions of your raster imagery to your viewer; it helps to have pre-tiled, Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs).

There is an included, standalone web viewer leveraging CesiumJS.

⬇️ Installation

Get started with localtileserver to view rasters in Jupyter or deploy as your own Flask application.

🐍 Installing with conda

Conda makes managing localtileserver's dependencies across platforms quite easy and this is the recommended method to install:

conda install -c conda-forge localtileserver

🎡 Installing with pip

If you prefer pip, then you can install from PyPI:

pip install localtileserver

💭 Feedback

Please share your thoughts and questions on the Discussions board. If you would like to report any bugs or make feature requests, please open an issue.

If filing a bug report, please share a scooby Report:

import localtileserver

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