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Robust CLI syslog forensics tool

Project description

Logdissect is a CLI utility and Python library for analyzing log files and other data. It can parse, merge, filter, and export data (to log files, or JSON).


usage: [-h] [--dhost DHOST] [--grep PATTERN] [--last LAST]
                     [--process PROCESS] [--protocol PROTOCOL] [--range RANGE]
                     [--utc] [--rdhost DHOST] [--rgrep PATTERN]
                     [--rprocess PROCESS] [--rprotocol PROTOCOL]
                     [--rshost SHOST] [--rsource SOURCE] [--shost SHOST]
                     [--source SOURCE] [--linejson LINEJSON] [--outlog OUTLOG]
                     [--label LABEL] [--sojson SOJSON] [--pretty] [--version]
                     [--verbose] [-s] [--list-parsers] [-p PARSER] [-z]
                     [-t TZONE]
                     [file [file ...]]

positional arguments:
  file                  specify input files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  --verbose             set verbose terminal output
  -s                    silence terminal output
  --list-parsers        return a list of available parsers
  -p PARSER             select a parser (default: syslog)
  -z, --unzip           include files compressed with gzip
  -t TZONE              specify timezone offset to UTC (e.g. '+0500')

filter options:
  --dhost DHOST         match a destination host
  --grep PATTERN        match a pattern
  --last LAST           match a preceeding time period (e.g. 5m/3h/2d/etc)
  --process PROCESS     match a source process
  --protocol PROTOCOL   match a protocol
  --range RANGE         match a time range (YYYYMMDDhhmm-YYYYMMDDhhmm)
  --utc                 use UTC for range matching
  --rdhost DHOST        filter out a destination host
  --rgrep PATTERN       filter out a pattern
  --rprocess PROCESS    filter out a source process
  --rprotocol PROTOCOL  filter out a protocol
  --rshost SHOST        filter out a source host
  --rsource SOURCE      filter out a log source
  --shost SHOST         match a source host
  --source SOURCE       match a log source

output options:
  --linejson LINEJSON   set the output file for line by line JSON output
  --outlog OUTLOG       set the output file for standard log output
  --label LABEL         set label type for OUTLOG (fname|fpath)
  --sojson SOJSON       set the output file for single object JSON output
  --pretty              use pretty formatting for sojson output

==== Available parsing modules: ====

ciscoios        : cisco ios parsing module
emerge          : gentoo emerge log parsing module
linejson        : logdissect object-per-line JSON parsing module
sojson          : logdissect single object JSON parsing module
syslog          : syslog (standard timestamp) parsing module
syslogiso       : syslog (ISO timestamp) parsing module
syslognohost    : syslog (standard timestamp, no host) parsing module
tcpdump         : tcpdump terminal output parsing module
webaccess       : web access log parsing module
windowsrsyslog  : windows rsyslog agent log parsing module

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