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Extra Logging Functionality

Project description

# pyLoggingExtras
Extra logging functionality for Python


NoneLogger is a logger class that implements logging.Logger interface
but provides no functionality (Null object design pattern), allowing you
to use that as a default logger and forgo the need to check if logger is
an actual instance before using it to log things.

*without NoneLogger*
def method_that_logs_if_possible(arg1, arg2, logger=None)
#TODO code here
if logger:"ran code up to here")
#TODO more code here
if logger:
logger.debug("values here are so and so")


*with NoneLogger*
from loggingextras import NoneLogger

def method_that_logs_if_possible(arg1, arg2, logger=NoneLogger())
#TODO code here"ran code up to here")
#TODO more code here
logger.debug("values here are so and so")


####API Logging

apilog is a set of logging decorators that will log entry and exit events
in and out of methods.

apilog decorators will log entry events and input arguments to methods, as
well as exit values and exceptions raised within methods

apilog decorators are availale for different logging levels

apilog decorators take advantage of a class's logger property if one
exists and follows logging.Logger interface. otherwise uses stdout prints

apilog decorators are available for the following logging levels:

**Example usage module level methods:**
from loggingextras.apilog import apilog_debug, apilog_info

def method_debug_output(param_a=None):
print 'params:', param_a
return param_a

if __name__ == "__main__":
method_debug_output(dict(k1=1, k2=2))

*Sample output:*
DEBUG:apilog:entering method_debug_output with wargs=[{"k2": 2, "k1": 1}], kwargs={}
params: {'k2': 2, 'k1': 1}
DEBUG:apilog:exiting method_debug_output with {"k2": 2, "k1": 1} in [0:00:00.000107]

**Example usage using class methods with a class logger availble:**
from loggingextras.apilog import apilog_debug

class decorated_class_with_logger(object):

def __init__(self):
basicConfig(level=1, stream=sys.stdout)
self.logger = getLogger('decorated_class')

def method_a(self, param_a=None, param_b=None, param_c=None):'params:', param_a, param_b, param_c)
assert param_b != "exception", 'failed something'

if __name__ == "__main__":
obj = decorated_class_with_logger()


*Sample output:*
DEBUG: decorated_class: entering method_a with wargs=[], kwargs={"param_b": "something"}
INFO : decorated_class: params: None something None
DEBUG: decorated_class: exiting method_a with null in [0:00:00.000090]


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