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LogicQubit is a simple library for quantum computing simulation.

Project description


  • Numerical and symbolic simulation of quantum algorithms
  • Plot state and current operation, density matrix and measurement graphs
  • The state values can be represented as angles, which helps in the analysis of the fourrier quantum transform.
  • Operations can be performed directly on the instantiated qubit object or using qubit indices.
  • Support GPU

Table of Contents


pip install logicqubit


logicQuBit = LogicQuBit(n_qubits, symbolic = True)

Where n_qubits is the number of qubits, and symbolic defines whether the values a and b of the qubits will be symbolic or not, if the symbolic input is omitted the calculation will be numeric.

To instantiate a qubit

q = Qubit()

To instantiate a qubit register

reg = QubitRegister(num_qubits)


Operations on one qubit

The operation can be performed as q.Gate(parameters) or logicQuBit.Gate(id_qubit, parameters).

Operations on two qubits

In this case, the operation can be performed as q.Gate(control_qubit, parameters) or logicQuBit.Gate(control_qubit, target_qubit, parameters).

*The need for parameters depends on the type of gate.

List of available gates

Single-qubit gates: X, Y, Z, V, S, T, H, RX, RY, RZ, U, U1, U2, U3.

Two-qubits gates: CX or CNOT, CY, CZ, CV, CS, CT, CRX, CRY, CRZ, CU, CU1, CU2, CU3, SWAP.

Three-qubits gates: CCX or Toffoli, Fredkin.


Measure the expected value of one or more qubits

result = logicQuBit.Measure([q1,q2,..,qn])

Measure one shot on a qubit

value = logicQuBit.Measure_One(qubit)

Plot graphs and print state

Plot expected values


Generate a graph of the values obtained by the Measure([...]).

Plot the density matrix


Print the current state


Print the current state as angles


The degree variable defines whether the result will be displayed in degrees or radians.

Code sample

from logicqubit.logic import *

logicQuBit  = LogicQuBit(3)

a = Qubit()
b = Qubit()
c = Qubit()


c.CCX(a,b) # and operation


Other code samples

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