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Lightweight sink for Loguru that sends logs to Discord via webhook.

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Lightweight sink for Loguru that sends logs to Discord via webhook.


Construct a handler with your preferred options, then add a new sink to Loguru.


Support is guaranteed only for Python 3.12 or greater.

Once this requirement is met, simply install via your package manager of choice.

pip install loguru-discord


The following code is a complete example which demonstrates:

  • Constructing a handler
  • Adding the handler as a Loguru sink
  • Catching an exception and firing a log
from loguru import logger
from loguru_discord import DiscordSink


    value: float = 1 / 0
except Exception as e:
    logger.opt(exception=e).error("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet")


Upon constructing your handler, the following optional customizations are available via keyword arguments.

  • Username: Username to use for the Discord Webhook message.
  • Avatar: Image URL to use for the Discord Webhook message.
  • Embed: Toggle whether to use plain codeblock formatting or rich embeds.
  • Truncate: Toggle whether to trim lengthy logs instead of uploading as a file.
  • Suppress: Prevent specific Exception types from being sent to Discord.


Loguru-Discord follows Semantic Versioning for tagging releases of the project.


Bug fixes and optimizations are always welcome. See for details.

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