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rest framework for pyramids

Project description

Lovely PyRest

Lovely Pyrest is an extension for Pyramid to easily create REST-Services. It provides functionallity to define service endpoints with the following features:


  • Sphinx extension to automatically generate documentation

  • Schema-validation based on jsonschema


Take a look at the documentation for usage information.


Installing via pip

To install lovely.pyrest via pip use the following command:

$ pip install lovely.pyrest

To update use:

$ pip install -U lovely.pyrest

Installing via easy_install

If you prefer easy_install which is provided by setuptools use the following command:

$ easy_install lovely.pyrest

To update use:

$ easy_install -U lovely.pyrest

Development Setup

For development setup instructions see:


Changes for Lovey Pyrest

2015/07/21 2.1.1

  • allow a REST class to be used on multiple routes

2014/09/09 2.1.0

  • extended Validator to provide custom validators by the schema

2014/01/28 2.0.10

  • removed array validation conversion for get params

2014/01/28 2.0.9

  • added optional convert_get_params parameter to validate function

2014/01/24 2.0.8

  • modified the documentation output
    • validation schema is rendered as code block

    • endpoint title is first line of docstring

2014/01/16 2.0.7

  • removed error views from package

2014/01/15 2.0.6

  • fixed documentation setup

  • removed unused error view

2014/01/14 2.0.5

  • updated documentation and added first example

  • moved content of testing/ to lovely/pyrest/

2014/01/14 2.0.4

  • updated documentation for sphinx directive

  • fixed optional positional arguments in sphinx directive

2014/01/14 2.0.3

  • added sphinx option for pyramid_config path. With this option set url prefixes are rendered correctly and it’s not necessary to specify a module in service directive

2014/01/14 2.0.2

  • bugfix: prevent duplicate rendering of methods in autodoc

2014/01/14 2.0.1

  • updated documentation generation for lovely.pyrest 2.0

2014/01/10 2.0.0

  • new version using decorator approach to define rest services

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