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local cappuccino setup for zc.buildout

Project description


This recipe allows you to

- install cappuccino as a local installation inside your development environment
- setup a build tool to support cibs and data models

Cappuccino Installer

Creates a local cappuccino installation for your project.

Buildout options

- path : where to install narwhal (default: parts)
- narwhal-user : github user from which to get narwhal (default: 280north)
- narwhal-ref : reference of the version/branch to use (default: master)
- narwhal-required : additional packages to install into narwhal
- narwhal-jsc : use narwhal-jsc on OS-X systems

- cappuccino-develop : path to a cappuccino checkout (default: None)

What happens

download narwahl from github using the options::<narwhal-user>/narwhal/zipball/<narwhal-ref>

The downloaded file is cached using the standard buildout cache.

if the path <path>/narwhal doesn't exist::

- extract narwhal to <path>/narwhal
- run "tusk install browserjs jake shrinksafe"
- on MAC OS-X:
- run "tusk install narwhal-jsc"
- run "make webkit" in <path>/narwhal/packages/narwhal-jsc
- run "tusk install cappuccino"
- run "tusk install <required>" for every <narwahl-reqired> package

By default narwhal-jsc is not installed. It can be controlled by the
"narwhal-jsc" buildout option or by setting the environment variable
Independent of this narwhal-jsc is only installen on MAC-OS-X (uname ==

At this point of the installation we have narwhal installed at <path>/narwahl
with the latest released cappuccino version.

Using a Development Version of cappuccino

If you provide a path to a cappuccino checkout then "jake install" is run to
install the dev-version into narwhal.

To get a cappuccino checkout we suggest to use mr.developer to get cappuccino
from git.

Here's a sample buildout setup to install a cappuccino checkout at


extensions = mr.developer

# mr.developer options
auto-checkout = *
sources = sources
sources-dir = js

cappuccino = git egg=false git://

Cappuccino Build Tools

Creates an executable to build whatever is needed for your cappuccino

Option: narwhal (required)

The path to the narwhal installation to use. You can easily get the path from
the cappcuccino install parts using ${partname:narwhal-directory}.

Option: name (optional)

The name for the executable (default: the name of the buildout part)

Option: nib2cib (optional)

List of paths to your projects to look for \*.xib files.

Run "nib2cib" for all xib files found.

Option: datamodel (optional)

List of paths to your projects to look for "\*.xcdatamodel" files.

- /Developer/usr/bin/momc <name.xcdatamodel> name.cxcdatamodel
- plutil -convert xml1 name.cxcdatamodel
for every xcdatamodel found in and below the path.


2011/01/23 0.0.7

- narwhal-jsc can also be activated from environment variable

2011/01/14 0.0.6

- added "narwhal-jsc" option to explicitely activate narwhal-jsc on MAC
This was needed because of compile problems on some systems.

2011/01/13 0.0.5

- required packages from the buildout configuration are installed with a
separate call to tust install

- required packages from the buildout configuration are installed last

- changed the order of how packages are installed

2010/12/23 0.0.4

- fixed an issue when providing the narwhal user in buildout

2010/12/22 0.0.3

- fixed the narwhal-required option

2010/12/21 0.0.2

- first offical release


- added a recipe to build a build tool: "builder"

- changed the default recipe to "install"

0.0.1a0 (unreleased)

- initial release

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