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A luxtronik heatpump controller interface

Project description


python-luxtronik is a library that allow you to interact with a Luxtronik heatpump controller.


Installation is siply using this pip command:

pip install luxtronik


Reading values

from luxtronik import Luxtronik

l = Luxtronik('', 8889)

t_forerun = l.calculations.get("ID_WEB_Temperatur_TVL")

# alternatively get by id:

t_forerun = l.calculations.get(10)

print(t_forerun) # this returns the temperature value of the forerun, 22.7 for example
print(t_forerun.unit) # gives you the unit of the value if known, °C for example

# l.calculations holds measurement values
# check for values you might need

# l.parameters holds parameter values
# check for values you might need

# l.visibilitys holds visibility values, the function of visibilities is not clear at this point
check for values you might need

Writing values

from luxtronik import Luxtronik

l = Luxtronik('', 8889)

heating_mode = l.parameters.set("ID_Ba_Hz_akt", "Party")

# If you're not sure what values to write, you can get all options:

print(l.parameters.get("ID_Ba_Hz_akt").options) # returns a list of possible values to write, ['Automatic', 'Second heatsource', 'Party', 'Holidays', 'Off'] for example

By default a safeguard is enabled that prevents writing of parameters whose purpose is unknown. You can disable that safeguard by passing safe=False to the Luxtronik class.

from luxtronik import Luxtronik

l = Luxtronik('', 8889, safe=False)

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