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CFFI-based Python binding for LZF stream compression

Project description

lzf allows reading and writing files compressed with the LZF compression format.

To crib some of the features listed for LibLZF:

  • Very fast compression speeds.

  • Mediocre compression ratios - you can usually expect about 40-50% compression for typical binary data Easy to use (just two functions, no state attached).

  • Freely usable (BSD-type-license)


This package provides reading and writing LZF data as Python file like objects., mode='r', encoding=None, errors=None)

Open a LZF stream for reading or writing.

file may be a path to an on-disk file, or a file-like object open for reading or writing (whatever you pass to mode).

mode must be r or w to indicate reading or writing, optionally with b or t to indicate binary or text-mode IO. If the mode is text (the default), then U is also accepted to turn on universal newline mode.

encoding and errors are as for the built-in open() function.

Note that takes the Python 3 model for text IO, even on Python 2. Unless mode contains 'b', then the returned file-like object will read or write Unicode strings.


To open an on-disk LZF-compressed text file and print it linewise:

import lzf

with'/path/to/file.txt.lzf') as f:
    for line in f:

To compress some binary data with LZF:

import lzf

with'/path/to/file.lzf', 'wb') as f:
    f.write(b'hello world')

To read LZF compressed CBOR structures from a URL:

import lzf
import cbor2
from urllib.request import urlopen  # Use urllib2 in Python 2


with, 'rb') as f:

(You’ll need cbor2 installed if you want to try this.)

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