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M2Translate localization / translation package

Project description

# M2Translate localization / translation package

### Status

[![Build Status](](

### About

M2Translate is a package for localization / translation everything you want in your Python projects.
You can store all your translations in JSON files or Redis. Once initialised, it sits in a memory until
you save it to store.

The main concept is that you have a bunch of locales, and each of them has it's own set of placeholders.
Placeholders are synchronised while dumping to store. Each placeholder has three values: `none`, `single`,
`multi`. When you put placeholder somewhere and try to get it's value - you simply get `none` value. But if you
specify a numeric value - you get placeholder value depending on it (`none` for `0`, `single` for `1` and `multi`
for `> 1`).

### The list of main features:

* **supports JSON store and Redis store. You can add support of any store you want by implementing
`StoreConnector` interface**

* **as fast as your RAM**

* **great API offers you methods to modify existing locales and placeholders**

* **have nice docs**

### How-to

Init your connector:

# json
connector = JSONConnector('path/to/your/json_store')

# redis
redis_host = ''
redis_port = 6379
redis_db = 0
connector = RedisConnector(redis_host=redis_host, redis_port=redis_port, redis_db=redis_db)

Init core:

tr = M2Translate(connector, not_found_val='PH NOT FOUND')

You can clear all your store:


First, add locale (you can even dump all you store to synchronize placeholders between locales):

tr.add_locale('ru_RU', dump_permanently=False)

Set a few placeholders to the CURRENT LOCALE:

tr.set_p('FORM1.NAME', none='Имя')
tr.set_p('FORM1.VISITS', none='визитов', single='визит', multi='визитов')
# or like that - to a different locale
tr.set_p('FORM1.VISITS', none='визитов', single='визит', multi='визитов', l='ru_RU')

Add another locale and set it as current:

tr.add_locale('en_US', dump_permanently=False)

And also add a value for placeholder:

tr.set_p('FORM1.NAME', none='Name')
tr.set_p('FORM1.VISITS', none='visits', single='visit', multi='visits')

Save everything you have in RAM to store:


Reload your store in RAM (maybe there are some changes in the remote store?):


Check current locale:


Or remove useless locale:

tr.remove_locale('en_US', dump_permanently=True)

It's time to get our values:

name = input(tr.p('FORM1.NAME'))
visits = 10
print('%s: %s %s' % (name, visits, tr.p('FORM1.VISITS', visits)))

### Example

You can try example in `example/`, or take a view at tests.

Let's see the example output for `example/` in different locales:

select locale from the following list ['ru_RU', 'en_US', 'fr_FR']: ru_RU
Для того, чтобы увидеть демку, заполните следующие данные
Ваше имя: Максим
Ваша фамилия: Дуткин
Сколько вам лет: 28
Отлично, теперь посмотри, что получилось!
Спасибо, что ты проявил интерес к этому пакету. Сегодня `четверг, 1 марта 2018 г. 23:57:29` (проверка даты локали), тебя зовут Максим Дуткин и тебе сейчас 28 лет!

select locale from the following list ['ru_RU', 'en_US', 'fr_FR']: en_US
For demo purposes, fill data below
Your name: Maxim
Your surname: Dutkin
How old are you: 28
Awesome, check out the output!
Great that you showed interest to this package. Today is `Fri Mar 2 00:13:36 2018` (locale date check), your fullname is Maxim Dutkin and you are 28 years old!

select locale from the following list ['ru_RU', 'en_US', 'fr_FR']: fr_FR
Pour des fins de démonstration, remplissez les données ci-dessous
Votre nom: Maxim
Votre nom de famille: Dutkin
Quel âge avez-vous: 28
Génial, consultez la sortie!
Génial que vous avez montré de l'intérêt pour ce package. Aujourd'hui est `Ven 2 mar 00:14:45 2018` (vérification de la date locale), votre nom complet est Maxim Dutkin et vous avez 28 ans!

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