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MAGnet MAnifest Management - Readout and create lists of magnets in yaml format.

Project description

Magma lists are lists of files which can be downloaded via magnet links.

They are written in yaml format to be easily readable as well as flexible and powerful.

You can install this script via setuptools:

$ easy_install magma


This script parses the basic features of MAGMAv0.4, which is being specified at the moment. It doesn’t parse the current MAGMAv0.2 files!

Use it only, if you want to take a peek at what the updated specification can bring.

It depends on

The API documentation is available from, and the code is available from a Mercurial repository:



  • Added script to create magma lists for phex releases:


  • No longer depend on IPy - don’t check alt-loc IP:PORT, so other settings can be included, like i2p addresses and similar. No use restricting users when it doesn’t gain much.

  • Updated usage information and instruction for adding alt-locs in

  • Updated usage information for

  • A bit nicer API documentation.


  • Added script, which calculates the sha1 hash in Gnutella style (encoded BASE32 uppercase) for all input files.


  • Added alt-locs to the magnets of the files and to the v0.2 compatibility magnet list.


  • Added compatibility section, so the magnet links can also be read out by programs supporting only Magmav0.2

  • Remove empty items in all listed files before saving, so they are more readable.

  • FIX: Magma module wasn’t included in the egg.


  • FIX: API was only callable via magma.magma.* - now you can just call “import magma” again. .


  • FIX: Import error - only imported from modules in the development dir, not from installed ones.


  • FIX: had wrong header line (tried to open with ‘pythons’).


  • Added support for multiple substitude urls and altlocs.


  • Added as script.


  • Added (mostly fake) ebuild_creator_cli as proof of concept.

  • Changed “name” parameter in files to “filename” to avoid ambiguity (you remember, that this IS in planning phase).


  • FIX: Parsing failed, when passed invalid lists.


  • Added return values to all method and function docstrings.


  • Added docstrings to all functions and classes.


  • Added load and dump function to work with magma more easily:
    • magma.load(filedata) returns a Magma object with all the attributes like magma.magnets, magma.files and magma.metadata .

    • magma.dump(Magma object) returns its string presentation for saving in a file.

  • Name of the file list parameter and of the URN parameter can now be changed easily.

  • Some cleaning up.


  • FIX: Header missed the #


  • FIX: Saved magma list missed the magma header.


  • magma_from_files TARGET file1, file2, … now works.


  • names in the magma list no longer contain the path to the file.

  • Improved documentation.


  • Uses setuptools.

  • Adds Usage info.

  • now callable from commandline.

  • Documentation improvements and API docs.

  • Multiple file magma creation.


  • Creates and reads Magma lists.

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magma-0.3.9.tar.gz (18.6 kB view hashes)

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