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Read configuration settings from configuration files.


When developing a python application, e.g a command-line tool, it can be helpful to allow the user to set their own configuration options to allow them to tailor the tool to their needs. These options are typically set in files in the root of a project directory that uses the tool, for example in a pyproject.toml or an {project_name}.ini file.

maison aims to provide a simple and flexible way to read and validate those configuration options so that they may be used in the application.


  • Supports multiple config files and multiple config filetypes.
  • Optional merging of multiple configs.
  • Optional config validation with pydantic.
  • Caching of config files for quick access.
  • Fully tested and typed.


pip install maison


Suppose the following pyproject.toml lives somewhere in a project directory:

enable_useful_option = true

maison exposes a ProjectConfig class to retrieve values from config files like so:

from maison import ProjectConfig

config = ProjectConfig(project_name="acme")

if config.get_option("enable_useful_option"):
    # include the useful option


See the documentation for more details.



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