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The definitive testing tool for Python. Born under the banner of Behavior Driven Development.

Project description

#mamba: the definitive testing tool for Python

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mamba is the definitive BDD testing framework for Python. Born under the banner of Behavior Driven Development.


To install mamba, just:

``` sh
pip install mamba


# Importing mamba is not needed!
# import mamba

with description('mamba'):
with it('is tested with mamba itself'):

with it('supports python 3'):


with context('when listing features'):
with it('supports example groups'):

with context('hooks'):
with before.all:
print 'This code will be run once, before all examples'

with before.each:
print 'This code will be run before each example'

with after.each:
print 'This code will be run after each example'

with after.all:
print 'This code will be run once, after all examples'

with context('pending tests'):
with _context('when running pending contexts (marked with a underscore)'):
with it('will not run any spec under a pending context'):

with _it('will not run pending specs (marked with underscore)'):

with it('highlights slow tests'):

with context(ASampleClass):
with it('has an instance in subject property'):

with context('when writing assertions'):
with it('can be used with plain assertions'):
assert True

with it('can be used with hamcrest style assertions'):
assert_that(True, is_(True))

with it('can be used with should_dsl style assertions'):
True |should| be(True)

with it('can be used with sure style assertions'):


with it('is assertion framework agnostic'):

with context('when using tests doubles'):
with it('can be used with mockito'):
stub = mock()


with it('can be used with doublex'):
with Spy() as sender:

assert_that(sender.is_usable_with_doublex(), is_(True))
assert_that(sender.is_usable_with_doublex, called())

with it('can be used with mock'):
is_usable_with_mock = Mock(return_value=True)

assert mock()

with it('is test doubles framework agnostic'):



If you'd like to contribute, fork [repository](, and send a pull request.

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