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bytecode mangler for frozen python apps

Project description

Mangler is a tool to obfuscate the bytecode of your frozen python applications. It makes it (slightly) harder for someone to take code from your app and use it for their own evil ends.

Mangler works with the output of py2exe, py2app and cxfreeze. Support for bbfreeze and pyinstaller will be added eventually; if you desparately need such support you can slip me a fifty and I’ll get right on it…

Is it secure?

It’s as secure as possible. Which is to say: no, it’s not. A determined attacker will be able to obtain the unobfuscated bytecode of your program, decompile it to an approximation of your source code, and have his/her wicked way with the result.

But remember: such reverse engineering is possible to some degree with any application, written in any language. Anyone who says differently is selling you snake oil.

What mangler can do is make it harder. A standard frozen python application basically ships with a big zipfile of all your code in an easily decompiled form. Mangler applies some simple byte-level mangling to the contents of this zipfile, meaning extra work for someone who wants to get at its contents.

There is plenty more that could be done to make the attacker’s work even harder. But it would require compiling a C extension or, even better, compiling a custom python interpreter. If you think you’d like to go down that road, I provide distributing-pyton-apps consulting and for a modest fee I’ll be happy to (a) talk you out of it, or failing that, (b) implement a custom solution for you.

Sounds awesome, how do I use it?

If you’re just using py2exe, py2app or cxfreeze in their basic form, you can call the “mangler” script with the path to your frozen app:

mangler /path/to/frozen/application

This will generate a new mangling key, mangle the frozen bytecode using it, and patch the executables to correctly load the mangled bytecode. Easy.

For more complicated scenarios, well, I haven’t for around to fixing the API yet. Bear with me.

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