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Lets you manage cron jobs via mara

Project description

Mara Cron

Mini package for managing cron jobs via mara.



To use the library directly:

pip install mara-cron


Config of cron jobs

To configure cron jobs in mara you just need to add a new function MARA_CRON_JOBS in your module or app in the file.

Here is a sample which has two jobs:

  1. the job cleanup_data_folder clears all data from the local folder /data/. This job is by default disabled.
  2. the job nightly runs the root pipeline at 01:00 o'clock each day

Note: The MaraJob job requires that you define the PATH environment variable in your crontab. Cron by default uses just /usr/bin:/bin which is not enough. I recommend using the distribution default e.g. /usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin.

    from mara_cron.job import CronJob, MaraJob
    return [
                description='Clean up the data folder',
                default_time_pattern='0 0 * * *',
                command='rm -rf /data/*',
                description="Nightly run of the BI system",
                default_time_pattern='0 1 * * *',
                command='pipelines run'),

Local config

Sample local config to activate crontab management in your mara app:

from mara_app.monkey_patch import patch
import mara_cron.config

# Activates mara_cron jobs. If not set all jobs are
# by default disabled and can only be activated via
# executing:
#    mara cron enable --job-id "my_job_id"
patch(mara_cron.config.enabled)(lambda: True)

# Optional parameter to specify a mara instance name
# This is necessary to separate multiple environments running
# on the same user
patch(mara_cron.config.instance_name)(lambda: 'prod')


This package contains the following cli commands (mara cron <command>):

Command Description
enable --job-id "my_job_id" [--module "module_name"] Enables a specific job regardless of the configuration.
disable --job-id "my_job_id" [--module "module_name"] Disables a specific job.
schedule-job --job-id "my_job_id" Schedules a job to run in less than 1 minute.
list-crontab Lists the current cron tab settings
list-crontab --with-changes Lists the current cron tab including the changes not yet written
write-crontab Writes all not published changes to the crontab
clear-crontab Removes all mara jobs from the crontab. Note This applies to all instances !!!

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