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Static site generator plugins all the way down.

Project description


Markdown to site, plugins all the way down

A static site generator that will give you a great site with many standard web features like rss, sitemaps, and seo tags, out of the box. Running markata build will get you a that only requires you to write Markdown. If you have additional features that you want, don't worry, since markata is built completely on plugins you can develop and install your own plugins to add the features you want.

This has been a pet project for me to learn library development, plugin driven design, diskcache, and more. It is the core of what builds my own site


Make sure that you pin down what version of markata you want to use. If you are starting a new project that's probably the latest version from pypi. Things are likely to change in major releases, I do my best to document them, and not to break patches.


Markata is fully configurable through a markata.toml file, but the defaults allow to build your site right out of the box with nothing more than Markdown.


markata is hosted on pypi and can be installed using pip.

python -m pip install markata

Create Some Content

Make some .md files in your current working directory. By default, markata will recursively look in all subdirectories for markdown files **/*.md.

mkdir pages
echo '# My First Post' >
echo '# Hello World' >

This example shows how you can build a site from only a single markdown file.

Build your site

Install markata into your virtual environment and run markata build. It will create your site in ./markout, leave its cache in ./.markata.cache, and copy all assets from ./static into ./markout by default.

python -m pip install markata
markata build

# or if pipx is your thing
pipx run markata build

Building a Blog with Markata using a template

The markata cli includes a new command that will present you with questions to fill in the jinja variables in this repo.

markata new blog [directory]

# start the site and watch for changes
hatch run tui

Now if you open localhost:8000, you will be presented with an example site that will walk you through some features of markata. You can play with it at your own pace, or drop all the pages and start writing your own content.


Markata is able to build your site purely from Markdown, allowing you to get started creating your own content quickly. Out of the box it will cover your seo tags, rss feeds, sitemap, and og images. Since it is built completely from plugins you can remove, modify, or add to any of its behavior.

  • configurable
  • plugins
  • seo
  • rss
  • sitemap
  • og-image

Using Markata

The docs are still a work in progress, but the base_cli walks through how to effectively use the markata build command. At this point Markata is far from stable and will change quite a bit, should you choose to use it on real site make sure you pin to the version that you want to build from. I will let you know as it becomes more stable and ready to use without diligence of pinning to the version you want.

Honestly A big motivation for me was wanting to learn and understand how to create a project that is completely plugin driven. This is highly a learning project for me, and it has grown into something I use every day.

Examples Gallary

Markata has a project gallery to show off sites built with markata. Please submit yours, and check out the project-gallery for inspiration.

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