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aafigure extension for Python Markdown

Project description


Markdown aafigure

This is an extension for Python Markdown which renders diagrams using aafigure.


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Manuel Barkhau ( author/maintainer 2018-05 -

INFO: You may want to consider using the markdown-svgbob extension instead of this one. svgbob has an online editor and supports a wider range of shapes and diagrams. Its main disadvantage is that it "only" has builtin support for x86_64 on Windows, Linux and Mac, in contrast to aafigure which is pure python and supported everywhere.


$ pip install markdown-aafigure
$ pip install Pillow    # only if you want to render as png


In your markdown text you can define the block:

      +-----+   ^
      |     |   |
  --->+     +---o--->
      |     |   |
      +-----+   V

Parameters can be set for individual figures. Availabale parameters

```aafigure {"foreground": "#ff0000"}
      +-----+   ^
      |     |   |
  --->+     +---o--->
      |     |   |
      +-----+   V


$ git clone
$ cd markdown_aafigure
$ make install
$ make lint mypy test

MkDocs Integration

In your mkdocs.yml add this to markdown_extensions.

  - markdown_aafigure:
      tag_type: inline_svg

Valid options for tag_type are inline_svg (the default), img_utf8_svg, img_base64_svg, img_base64_png.

Changelog for


  • Add support for blocks with extra backticks



  • Fix: Ignore trailing whitespace after closing fence.


  • Fix: Bad image substitution when markdown has multiple diagrams


  • Fix: don't require typing package for py<35


  • Add: Support for inline svg
  • Add: tag_type option for better control of embedding
  • Depricated: format parameter


  • Add: Support of format: png extension configuration (requires Pillow)
  • Fix: Use base64 encoding for image uri


  • Fix #3: escape xml in image data uri
  • Fix: cleanup debug output
  • Change: Move to
  • Change: Switch to pycalver
  • Change: Project packaging updates

0.2.0 (2018-05-28)

  • Initial release

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