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katex extension for Python Markdown

Project description


This is an extension for Python Markdown which adds KaTeX support.

f(x) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty
    \hat f(\xi)\,e^{2 \pi i \xi x}


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Manuel Barkhau ( author/maintainer 2019-05 -


$ pip install markdown-katex
$ python -m markdown_katex --version
markdown-katex version:  v202112.1034 (using binary: /usr/local/bin/npx --no-install katex)

This package includes the following binaries:

  • katex_v0.15.1_node10_x86_64_Linux _ katex_v0.15.1_node10_x86_64_Darwin _ katex_v0.15.1_node12_x86_64_Windows

If you are on a different platform, or want to use a more recent version of katex-cli, you will need to install it via npm.

$ npx katex
$ npx katex --version

This extension will always use the locally installed version of KaTeX if it is available, instead of using the implementation bundled with this package.

No JavaScript is required to render the resulting HTML, so it can be used with more limited renderers (which don't support JavaScript) such as WeasyPrint .


Formulas can be created and edited interactively using the editor on They also have some good documentation for the subset of LaTeX that is supported. When embedding these in your Markdown files, they must be marked with a special syntax in order to be rendered using KaTeX. There are many syntax extensions for Markdown that allow LaTeX formulas to be embedded, however this package only supports the syntax introduced by Gitlab:

  • For inline mode formulas: $`...`$
  • For display mode formulas: ```math

Here is an example that uses this syntax.

There are two main advantages of this syntax:

  1. Gitlab has an existing Markdown renderer that can be used without the need to download any software. This implementation also uses KaTeX, so the output should be exactly the same as this extension.
  2. The fallback behaviour of other Markdown renderers is to render the raw LaTeX as inline code or a code block. This means that they won't inadvertently parse a LaTeX formula as Markdown syntax.

Hopefully other renderers will also adopt support for this syntax as:

  1. Rendering is done in the browser using KaTeX so implementation effort and should be minimal.
  2. The false positive rate for existing Markdown documents is negligible (i.e. existing alternate use of $` syntax is minimal to non-existent).


  • no_inline_svg: Replace inline <svg> with <img data:image/svg+xml;base64.."> tags.
  • insert_fonts_css: Insert font loading stylesheet (default: True).


$ git clone
$ cd markdown-katex
$ make conda
$ make lint mypy test

MkDocs Integration

In your mkdocs.yml add this to markdown_extensions.

# mkdocs.yml
  - markdown_katex:
      no_inline_svg: True
      insert_fonts_css: True
      macro-file: macros.tex

The macro-file might looks something like this:

% macros.tex
\mymacro:\text{prefix #1 suffix}

WeasyPrint Integration

When you generate html that is to be consumed by WeasyPrint, you need to use the no_inline_svg=True option. This is due to a long standing limitation of WeasyPrint. Without this option, some KaTeX formulas will not render properly, e.g. \sqrt

md_ctx = markdown.Markdown(
        'markdown_katex': {
            'no_inline_svg': True,      # fix for WeasyPrint
            'insert_fonts_css': True,
raw_html_text = md_ctx.convert(md_text)

You can also use markdown-katex for the conversion of individual formulas from tex to html:

from markdown_katex.extension import tex2html

tex_text = r"""
 1+\frac{e^{-2\pi}} {
   1+\frac{e^{-4\pi}} {
     1+\frac{e^{-6\pi}} {
       1+\frac{e^{-8\pi}} {
options = {'no_inline_svg': True, 'insert_fonts_css': False}
html = tex2html(tex_text, options)

Changelog for


Thank you to for testing, reporting issues and contributing patches:

  • @summersz - Richard Summers
  • @bluhme3 - Evan Bluhm
  • @pawamoy - Timothée Mazzucotelli
  • @briankchan
  • @spoorendonk
  • @lisongmin
  • @alexatadi
  • @sacredfox - Akihiro Nomura
  • @jnsdrtlf
  • @dodoni - Markus Wendt


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.15.1
  • Fix #13: Don't strip <p></p> when using inline syntax for a single equation.


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.13.18


  • Fix #8: Math inside admonition
  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.13.11


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.13.6


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.13.3
  • Fix #4: Close file descriptors of Popen
  • Add support for blocks with extra backticks


Thank you @summersz for reporting this issue.


  • Use node12 for KaTeX binary on Windows


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.13.0


  • Fix #12: Bug in handling of paths with whitespace. (Thanks @summersz !)


  • Fix #9: Update katex.css
  • Fix #8: Lookup of binaries on windows
  • Update documentation wrt. use with WeasyPrint


  • Update KaTeX binaries to v0.12.0
  • Fix #8: Update binaries...
  • Fix #7: Lookup of binaries via npx


  • Fix #7: File encoding issue on Windows.


  • Fix #7 katex-cli on Windows (now uses pkg --target node12...)
  • Fix search for local katex.ps1, katex.cmd, katex.exe on Windows.






  • Fix: Ignore trailing whitespace after closing fence.


  • Fix: Remove extraneous whitespace to work better with whitespace: pre.


  • Add option insert_fonts_css
  • Document options


  • Add more prominent example to
  • Fix #2: Fix spurious log message when using MkDocs


  • Fix #1: Wrong formulas are rendered when multiple formulas are in one doc.


  • Fix: don't require typing package for py<35


  • Fix: Parsing of inline code when using multiple backticks


  • Fix: better error reporting
  • Fix: cleanup temp dir


  • Initial release

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