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A command line tool for automatically generating .md files from click's CLI command.

Project description

MD Click

MD-Click is a command line tool for creating .md files for any python's click CLI projects.

The Problem

After creating new CLI project using click, we couldn't found out any tool that generates automatic .md files documentation per each command. This is the reason we've create this quick and easy tool.

The Solution

MD-Click creates .md files per each command exists under the click project CLI. The tool runs recursively and generates a markdown file per each command, and sub commands.


Just install it using pip:

> pip install md-click


Create md files per each command, in format of parent-command, under the --docsPath directory.

for example, we have the next click python module:

# app/
import click'namer')
@click.option('--debug', help='Should I run on Debug?', is_flag=True)
def main(**kwargs):
  """ A namer CLI """
  debug = kwargs.get('debug')
  if debug:
    click.secho('is Debug? True', color='green')

@click.option('--name', help='The user name', required=True, type=str)
@click.option('--lastName', help='The last Name', required=False, type=str)
def full_name(**kwargs):
    """ A CLI that gets name and last name and returns the full name"""
    firstname = kwargs.get('name')
    lastname = kwargs.get('lastname')

    click.secho(f'The full name is: {firstname} {lastname}', color='yellow')

and we want to create a nice md files per each command, we'll run the next cli command:

> mdclick dumps --baseModule=app.cli --baseCommand=main --docPath=./docs/commands

The output:


As you can assume, all of the markdown files under docs/commands in this repository, generated automatically by mdclick command. Use them as a reference.

Download files

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