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A variables extension for Markdown

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A Markdown extension to add support for variables.

Licensed under the ISC License.


The mdx_variables plugin requires only the base markdown library.


Install with pip install mdx_variables.


Allows inserting variables into Markdown.

The following Markdown example:

This paragraph contains ${chickens} chickens.

This paragraph contains no chickens but ${foxes} foxes.

Are there ninjas here? ${ninjas}.

Might result in:

This paragraph contains 5 chickens.

This paragraph contains no chickens but 3 foxes.

Are there ninjas here? ninjas not found.

Python usage:

md = markdown.Markdown(
        'variables': {
            'vars': {
              'chickens': '5',
              'foxes': (lambda: 3),
              '__getattr__': (lambda name: "{} not found".format(name)),

Configuration options:

  • vars: A dictionary mapping variable names to variable values.

    If a value is a function, that function will be called without arguments and the result will be used as the variable value.

    The special variable __getattr__ may specify a function f(name) -> value to call when no matching variable is found.

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