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A library implements the Mediator pattern to make your code extensible

Project description

A library implements the Mediator pattern to make your code extensible.

Inspired by symfony/event-dispatcher component.


Using pip:

# pip install mediator


$ git clone
$ cd mediator
# python install


from mediator import Mediator

m = Mediator()

Defining events

from mediator import Event

class EventOne(Event):

class EventTwo(Event):
    event_name = 'event_two'

Adding a listener

def event_listener(event):
    print('Got event: %r' % event)

m.add_listener(EventOne, event_listener)
# or m.add_listener('EventOne', event_listener)
m.add_listener('event_two', event_listener)
# or m.add_listener(EventTwo, event_listener)

Triggering events

event1 = EventOne()
event2 = EventTwo()

# Got event: <EventOne object at 0x7f954bc2b250>

# Got event: <EventTwo object at 0x7f954bbbd510>

Removing a listener

def another_listener(event):
    print('Got another event: %r' % event)

m.add_listener(EventOne, another_listener)
m.remove_listener('EventOne', event_listener)
# Got another event: <EventOne object at 0x7f954bc2b250>

Removing all listeners

# Nothing was happened

Using priorities

m.add_listener('EventOne', another_listener, -255)
m.add_listener('EventOne', event_listener, 255)
# Got another event: <EventOne object at 0x7f954bc2b250>
# Got event: <EventOne object at 0x7f954bc2b250>

Using Subscribers

from mediator import SubscriberInterface

class Subscriber(SubscriberInterface):
    def first(self, event):
        event.first = True

    def middle(self, event):
        event.middle = True

    def last(self, event):
        event.last = True

    def event2_handler(self, event):
        event.success = True

    def event3_handler(self, event):
        event.success = True

    def get_subscribed_events(self):
        return {
            'event1': [
                ['first', -100],
                ['last', 100]
            'event2': 'event2_handler',
            'event3': ['event3_handler']

class Event1(Event):
    event_name = 'event1'

    def __init__(self):
         self.first = False
         self.middle = False
         self.last = False

class Event2(Event):
    event_name = 'event2'

     def __init__(self):
         self.success = True

class Event3(Event2):
    event_name = 'event3'

subscriber = Subscriber()
event1 = Event1()
event2 = Event2()
event3 = Event3()


print('%s;%s;%s' % (event1.first, event1.middle, event1.last))
# True;True;True

# True

# True

Adding listeners using decorator

import sys
import venusian

from mediator import VENUSIAN_CATEGORY

@SomeEvent.listen(priority=255, instance='mediator', category=VENUSIAN_CATEGORY)  # All args are optional
def some_event_listener(event):
    event.attr = 'value'

scanner = venusian.Scanner(mediator=mediator)
scanner.scan(package=sys.modules[__name__], categories=[VENUSIAN_CATEGORY])

See source code and tests for more information.


0.4.0 (17.03.2017)

  • Fixed multiple inheritance support

  • Improved venusian support

0.3.0 (25.02.2016)

  • Mediator.__init__ and Mediator.scan now takes keyword arguments only.

  • Removed Mediator.set_scanner method.

  • Mediator.dispatch() now takes event instances only.

  • Mediator.add_listener and Mediator.remove_listener takes subclass of Event or str.

  • Event.get_name() and Event.set_name() were removed in favor of Event.get_event_name() and Event.event_name class attribute.

  • And now there is no requirement to call super().__init__() in your own events.

0.2.1 (18.12.2015)

  • Added Mediator.set_scanner method in order to allow use custom scanner instance.

0.2.0 (17.12.2015)

  • Automatic event name detection based on a class name.

  • Added %Event%.listen decorator.

0.1.0 (19.11.2015)

  • First release.


  • Fork and clone it

  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b awesome-feature)

  • Make your changes

  • Write/update tests, if it’s necessary (make buildout && make tests)

  • Update, if it’s necessary

  • Push your branch (git push origin awesome-feature)

  • Send a pull request


The MIT License (MIT)

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