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Nozbe interface wrapper.

Project description

mekk.nozbe wraps (noticeable parts of) Nozbe API as Python functions.

It uses both old, officially published API ( and new (not yet officially docunented) “Sync API”. Neither of those APIs is fully covered (the module supports the functions which were working at early 2009 and which I needed), but still I succesfully use the library to extract projects, contexts and tasks from Nozbe and to create new (or update existing) items.

The code is currently using Twisted network interface (that means returning deferreds etc). Well, I like Twisted. I consider providing urllib-based synchronous API as an alternative, just need some motivation.


Apart from the library, nozbetool script is bundled. Run:

nozbetool --help

for details. Most common usages:

nozbetool export --csv=file.csv --user=YourNozbeUsername

(export to .csv) or:

nozbetool export --json=file.json --user=YourNozbeUsername --completed

(export to .json, completed actions are included).

Note: only .json export contains notes!


Development is tracked on


Some simple example:

from mekk.nozbe import NozbeApi, NozbeConnection
from twisted.internet import reactor, defer

# API KEY servers as an authentication token.
# Check for your own at Nozbe extras page (
# Note that publishing it is equivalent to publishing the password.
API_KEY = "grab your own from Nozbe"

def make_some_calls():
    connection =  NozbeConnection(API_KEY)
    nozbe_client = NozbeApi()

    print "* Some projects"
    projects = yield nozbe_client.get_projects()
    for project in projects[:3]:
        print project

    print "* Some contexts"
    contexts = yield nozbe_client.get_contexts()
    for context in contexts[:3]:
        print context

    print "* Some tasks"
    tasks = yield nozbe_client.get_tasks()
    for task in tasks[:3]:
        print task

    print "Adding example task"
    yield nozbe_client.add_task(
        u"Example task made using script",
        project_hash = projects[0]['hash'],
        context_hash = contexts[0]['hash'],
        next = 1)

def main():
        yield make_some_calls()

reactor.callLater(0, main)

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