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Melodeon layout diagrams

Project description


Plot melodeon[^dba] layout diagrams

Version on PyPI Project Status: WIP – Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public.

Standard 2-row, 21-key D/G layout




and ideas

  • basic diagram using mpl
  • different ways to indicate octaves (e.g. color; piano key notation or wrt. root)
  • different options for pitch labels (ABC, piano key notation, scale degrees)
  • plotting notes on stave
  • CLI
  • first PyPI release
  • HTML/CSS output option
  • fancier button style option (some 3-D-ness)
  • draw connections in bellows direction for consecutive notes or chord
  • docs build with layout library

Input format

ASCII representation of the layout.


  • notes in ABC notation, push/pull separated by / or |, push/pull pairs separated by whitespace
  • for each row, specify horizontal offset in the layout (zero implicit; e.g. 0.5 for the second row in a typical 11/10 layout)
    • maybe like x0.5 instead of just 0.5, to emphasize just space
  • bass chords also in ABC notation, but maybe also support the common +/-?

Layout sources

[^dba]: Diatonic button accordion (DBA) / melodeon / "box" / accordéon diatonique / diato / etc. Also may later extend to plotting the layouts of other button accordion family instruments like concertinas. [^pop]: Be careful opening this link on mobile browsers, I've gotten annoying / potentially dangerous pop-ups.

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melplot-0.1.0.dev2-py2.py3-none-any.whl (7.8 kB view hashes)

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