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Easy and efficient messaging.

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Messages: Create and send messages fast!

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  • Messages is a package designed to make sending messages easy and efficient!
  • Messages intends to be a lightweight package with minimal dependencies.
  • Messages with a consistent API across all message types.
  • Messages includes asynchronous support for fast message handling.


Python3 only

$ pip install messages

Documentation in the Wiki

Supported Messages


Synchronous Execution

# You can send messages right in the REPL

>>> from messages import Email
>>> m = Email(
            from_ = "",
            to = "",
            auth = "p@ssw0rd",   
            subject: "Good Advice"
            body = "Hello,\n\tBuy more Bitcoin!",
            attachments = ["./file1.txt", "~/Documents/file2.pdf"],
>>> m.send()        
Message sent...

Asynchronous Execution

# You can also send messages inside a script

import asyncio

from messages import Email


loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

    e = Email(
        from_ = "",
        to = r,
        auth = "p@ssw0rd",
        subject = "Good Advice",
        body = "This is an asynchronous email.\nContinue buying more Bitcoin!",
        attachments = ["./file1.txt", "~/Documents/file2.pdf"],
tasks = asyncio.all_tasks(loop=loop)
group = asyncio.gather(*tasks)

Read the Wiki for more examples

Contributing Code

  • Help Wanted!
  • All contributions are welcome to build upon the package!
  • If it's a message, add it to messages!
  • Read the Wiki for guidelines.

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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