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a pipeline to construct a genome catalogue from metagenomics data

Project description


hello, metagenomics!

brother project


we all need a metagenomics pipeline for academic research.



  • execution module

    # Snakefile
        include: "rules/step.smk"
        include: "rules/simulation.smk"
        include: "rules/fastqc.smk"
        include: "rules/trimming.smk"
        include: "rules/rmhost.smk"
        include: "rules/assembly.smk"
        include: "rules/alignment.smk"
        include: "rules/binning.smk"
        include: "rules/cobinning.smk"
        include: "rules/checkm.smk"
        include: "rules/dereplication.smk"
        include: "rules/classification.smk"
        include: "rules/annotation.smk"
        include: "rules/profilling.smk"
  • analysis module

    • raw data report
    • quality control
    • remove host sequences
    • assembly
    • assembly evaluation
    • binning
    • checkm
    • dereplication
    • bins profile
    • taxonomy classification
    • genome annotation
    • function annotation
  • test module

    • execution test
    • analysis test


  • install dependencies*

    # in python3 environment
    conda install snakemake pigz ncbi-genome-download sickle-trim fastp bwa samtools \
                  bbmap spades idba megahit maxbin2 prokka metabat2 drep quast checkm-genome
    pip install insilicoseq
    # in python2 envrionment
    conda install metaphlan2
    # database configuration
    mkdir checkm_data
    cd checkm_data
    tar -xzvf ../checkm_data_2015_01_16.tar.gz
    cd ..
    ln -s checkm_data checkm_data_latest
    # activate python3 environment where checkm in
    checkm data setRoot checkm_data_latest
  • install metapi

    # recommand
    git clone
    # or (maybe not latest)
    pip install metapi


  • snakemake了解一下:)

    rule bwa_mem:
            r1 = "fastq/sample_1.fq.gz",
            r2 = "fastq/sample_2.fq.gz",
            ref = "ref/ref.index
            bam = "sample.sort.bam",
            stat = "sample_flagstat.txt"
            bwa mem -t {threads} {input.ref} {input.r1} {input.r2} | \
            samtools view -@{threads} -hbS - | \
            tee >(samtools flagstat -@{threads} - > {output.stat}) | \
            samtools sort -@{threads} -o {output.bam} -
  • a simulated metagenomics data test(uncomplete)

    # in metapi/example/basic_test directory
    cd example/basic_test
    # look
    snakemake --dag | dot -Tsvg > dat.svg
    # run on local
    # run on SGE cluster
    snakemake \
    --jobs 80 \
    --cluster "qsub -S /bin/bash -cwd -q {queue} -P {project} -l vf={mem},p={cores} -binding linear:{cores}"
  • a real world metagenomics data process(uncomplete)

    # in metapipe directory
    # look
    cd metapi
    snakemake --dag | dot -Tsvg > ../docs/dat.svg
    # run on local
    snakemake \
    --cores 8 \
    --snakefile metapi/Snakefile \
    --configfile metapi/metaconfig.yaml \
    --until all
    # run on SGE cluster
    snakemake \
    --snakefile metapi/Snakefile \
    --configfile metapi/metaconfig.yaml \
    --cluster-config metapi/metacluster.yaml \
    --jobs 80 \
    --cluster "qsub -S /bin/bash -cwd -q {cluster.queue} -P {cluster.project} -l vf={cluster.mem},p={cluster.cores} -binding linear:{cluster.cores} -o {cluster.output} -e {cluster.error}"
    --latency-wait 360 \
    --until all

metapi command line interface

  • init

    metapi --help
    usage: metapi [subcommand] [options]
    metapi, a metagenomics data process pipeline
    optional arguments:
        -h, --help     show this help message and exit
        -v, --version  print software version and exit
    available subcommands:
        init         a metagenomics project initialization
        simulation   a simulation on metagenomics data
        workflow     a workflow on real metagenomics data

    please supply samples.tsv
    | id | fq1 | fq2 |
    | s1 | s1.1.fq.gz | s1.2.fq.gz |
    | s2 | s2.1.fq.gz | s2.2.fq.gz |

    python /path/to/metapi/metapi/ init -d . -s samples.tsv -b raw -a metaspades
  • list

    snakemake --snakefile /path/to/metapi/metapi/Snakefile --configfile metaconfig.yaml --list
  • debug

    snakemake --snakefile /path/to/metapi/metapi/Snakefile \
        --configfile metaconfig.yaml \
        -p -r -n --debug-dag \
        --until checkm_lineage_wf
  • simulation

  • workflow

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