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MGRS coordinate conversion for Python

Project description

mgrs: Converting to and from MGRS and Decimal Degrees

GeoTrans provides C code for converting to and from MGRS, but well, it’s C code :). This is a simple ctypes wrapper around two of the MGRS-related functions in GeoTrans.

This library has an internal copy of some of the files from GeoTrans 2.4.2.



  • Wheels
  • black, flake8, and isort linters


  • GitHub Action builders needed to be changed to push release


  • Fix install requirements #34


  • Alias and deprecate RTreeError #33


  • MGRS now requires packaging library #31
  • Fix wheel imports of shared libs


  • UTF-8 encoding for all strings.
  • Fix #29 implicit tuple on return of UTMToMGRS


  • automated building of osx, linux and win64 wheels
  • Migrate from TravisCI => GitHub Actions
  • Warnings cleanup
  • flake8 validation





  • Better Windows support
  • Bug fix for 3 digit longitudes


  • Python 3.x support
  • Allow user to override precision in UTMToMGRS


In a nutshell:

>>> import mgrs

>>> latitude = 42.0
>>> longitude = -93.0

>>> m = mgrs.MGRS()
>>> c = m.toMGRS(latitude, longitude)
>>> c

>>> d = m.toLatLon(c)
>>> d
(41.999997975127997, -93.000000000000014)

>>> y = '321942.29N'
>>> yd = m.dmstodd(y)

>>> d, m, s = m.ddtodms(32.328414)
>>> d, m, s
(32.0, 19.0, 42.290400)

You can also control the precision of the MGRS grid with the MGRSPrecision arguments in .toMGRS(). Other than that, there isn’t too much to it.

Project details

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mgrs-1.4.5.tar.gz (31.3 kB view hashes)

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