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Messaging Communication Layer for Microservices Architecture

Project description


A Kafka Messaging helper for Microservices

Service description

Triskelion provides your code with a helper for Kafka and Confluent Kafka producers. The end goal of this project is to become a messages communication layer for microservices. However, The code is at its earlier stage and there is room for improvements. If you want to contribute to it please contact me at antonio.dimariano[AT] If you find a bug please submit it here

I would like to thank all the Confluent Community on Slack for the priceless help during my learning path.

Confluent Kafka Producer Configuration


ENV variables name VALUE
brokers mybroker1:9093,mybroker2:9093,mybroker3:9093
schema_registry http://my_avro_schema_registry:8081

SASL Identification

Please refer to If your broker requires SASL authentication, these are the ENVironment variables to include

ENV variables name VALUE
sasl_mechanisms PLAIN
security_protocol SASL_SSL
sasl_username YOUR USERNAME HERE
sasl_password YOUR PASSWORD HERE

If you schema registry requires authentication, these are the ENVironment variables to include

ENV variables name VALUE
schema_registry_basic_auth_user_info authentication string
schema_registry_basic_auth_credentials_source USER_INFO

SSL certificate for brokers and schema registry

If your brokers and schema registry servers require a SSL certificate, these are the

ENV variables name VALUE
security_protocol ssl string

You have to place your certificate in

How to use it

Confluent Kafka Producer

The produce_message method accepts a list of messages. Messages are dispatched asynchronously to the Kafka Broker The module provides you with two different Producers' class. Both of them have a public method producer_message. However, If your are working with AVRO topics, you have to do from messaging_middleware.confluent_producer.AVROProducer import AVROPRODUCER. Otherwise you can from messaging_middleware.confluent_producer.ConfluentProducer import ConfluentProducer The following is an example how to produce a message in both cases.

from messaging_middleware.confluent_producer.ConfluentProducer import ConfluentProducer
from messaging_middleware.confluent_producer.AVROProducer import AVROPRODUCER

import os
default_key_value = {"service_name":"test"}

class OutboundCommunicationLayer:

    def __init__(self,topic,brokers_uri,security_protocol='plaintext',schema_registry=None):

        if schema_registry is None:
            self.producer = ConfluentProducer(
                topic=topic, security_protocol=security_protocol)
            self.avro_producer = AVROPRODUCER(
                topic=topic, security_protocol=security_protocol)

    def produce_topic(self,value):

    def produce_avro_topic(self, value,key=default_key_value):

        self.avro_producer.produce_message(value=value, key=key)

if __name__ == "__main__":

    o = OutboundCommunicationLayer(topic='my-test-2',brokers_uri=os.environ.get('brokers'),schema_registry=os.environ.get('schema_registry'))

Using Synchronous Producer

Even though it is not always the best practise and it has its issues ( , there is no harm to have a synchronous producer. The module provides you with two classes to

Integrated Logging System

The Logger class aims to be used to print log messages and/or to produce logging message to an AVRO topic. It uses the AVRO_PRODUCER and by default it produces messages to the AVRO topic tcservicesmonitor with the following schema If you want to configure the Confluent Kafka producer, you have to pass a init_kafka=1 when creating your instance.

logger = Logger(init_kafka=1, brokers_uri=os.environ.get('brokers'),
  • tcservicesmonitor-value
        "service_name": "string",
        "last_operation": "string",
        "timestamp": "string",
        "operation_result": "string",
        "operation_description": "string",
        "error_description": "string"
  • tcservicesmonitor-key
"service_name": "string"}

If you want to use another topic you have to specify it in the ENV variable monitoring_topic

In order to use the Logging system, please refer to the configuration used to set up a Confluent Kafka Producer

import os
from messaging_middleware.Logger.Logger import Logger
from datetime import datetime, timezone

    logger = Logger(init_kafka=1, brokers_uri=os.environ.get('brokers'),
    logger.print_log('info', 'My log ', 10)
    logger.print_log('debug', 'my second log')
    message_to_produce = {
        "service_name": "my-test-microservice",
        "last_operation": "last-completed-operation",
        "operation_result": "SUCCESS",
        "operation_description": "The operation description",
        "error_description": ""

    logger.produce_msg(message_to_produce=message_to_produce, schema_key={
        "service_name": "my-test-service"})

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