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Python module to add general middleware

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Copyright (c) 2016 David Betz


pip install middleware

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Python 2 and 3


Most everyone needs a concept of middleware.

Following are examples of using this, see for full examples.

class AdditionMiddleware1(Middleware):
    def create(self):
        def func(mwa, context):
                counter = context['counter']
                counter = 0
            context['counter'] = counter + 1

            return next(mwa)

        return func

When using a class, add a create function which returns a function. This inner fuction accepts the middleware array and the data context and returns next(mwa) to create a middleware chain.

For this example, I’ll add two more:

class AdditionMiddleware2(AdditionMiddleware1):

class AdditionMiddleware3(AdditionMiddleware2):

Now to run it. Use set to set an array of middleware and add to add one to the array. set overwrites everything. That’s just what set means.

handler = Handler()
handler.set([AdditionMiddleware1, AdditionMiddleware2])

# handler['counter'] == 3

In this case, there is no initial context and each of the three middleware increment a counter ending with handler['counter'] == 3.

You can skip the entire class stuff too:

handler = Handler()
def inline(wma, context):
    context['myvalue'] = 12
# handler['myvalue'] == 12

Use the following to send initial context:

handler = Handler(counter=1)

It’s actually kwargs, so you can load it up:

handler = Handler(**{'a': 1, 'b': 2})
def inline(wma, context):
    context['a'] = context['a'] + context['b']

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