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A package of useful functions to analyze transformer based language models.

Project description



Helper functions for analyzing Transformer based representations of language

This repo is a wrapper around the transformers library from hugging face :hugs:


Install from Pypi using:

pip install minicons

Supported Functionality

  • Extract word representations from Contextualized Word Embeddings
  • Score sequences using language model scoring techniques, including masked language models following Salazar et al. (2020).


  1. Extract word representations from contextualized word embeddings:
from minicons import cwe

model = cwe.CWE('bert-base-uncased')

context_words = [("I went to the bank to withdraw money.", "bank"), 
                 ("i was at the bank of the river ganga!", "bank")]

print(model.extract_representation(context_words, layer = 12))

tensor([[ 0.5399, -0.2461, -0.0968,  ..., -0.4670, -0.5312, -0.0549],
        [-0.8258, -0.4308,  0.2744,  ..., -0.5987, -0.6984,  0.2087]],
  1. Compute sentence acceptability measures (surprisals) using Word Prediction Models:
from minicons import scorer

mlm_model = scorer.MaskedLMScorer('bert-base-uncased', 'cpu')
ilm_model = scorer.IncrementalLMScorer('distilgpt2', 'cpu')

stimuli = ["The keys to the cabinet are on the table.",
           "The keys to the cabinet is on the table."]

# use sequence_score with different reduction options: 
# Sequence Surprisal - lambda x: -x.sum(1)
# Sequence Log-probability - lambda x: x.sum(1)
# Sequence Surprisal, normalized by number of tokens - lambda x: -x.mean(1)
# Sequence Log-probability, normalized by number of tokens - lambda x: x.mean(1)
# and so on...

print(ilm_model.sequence_score(stimuli, reduction = lambda x: -x.sum(0).item()))

[39.879737854003906, 42.75846481323242]

# MLM scoring, inspired by Salazar et al., 2020
print(mlm_model.sequence_score(stimuli, reduction = lambda x: -x.sum(0).item()))
[13.962685585021973, 23.415111541748047]


Recent Updates

  • November 6, 2021: MLM scoring has been fixed! You can now use model.token_score() and model.sequence_score() with MaskedLMScorers as well!

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