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Automatic beat-mixing of music files

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Automatic beat-mixing of music files in Python, using AudioOwl 🎚

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Mix two WAV files -

import mixingbear
mixingbear.mix('track01.wav', 'track02.wav', 'output.wav')


Tested on Python 3.6 or later

⚠️ AudioOwl needs ffmpeg to be installed on your machine. The easiest way to install ffmpeg (at least on a Mac) is using homebrew. See instructions here.

The latest stable release is available on PyPI.
Install it using the following command -

$ pip install mixingbear



Saves a mixed WAV file locally to output_file_path

Supported keyword arguments for audioowl.get_waveform():

  • top_file - Path to a WAV file you want to mix onto bottom_file. e.g. top_file=wav_file.wav
  • bottom_file - Path to a WAV file you want to mix top_file onto. e.g. bottom_file=wav_file.wav
  • output_file_path - Path for the mixed output WAV file you want to mix output_file_path onto. e.g. bottom_file=output.wav
  • mix_mode [optional, default == 'random'] - String:
    • random - MixingBear will find the best mixing points, and will mix the tracks starting on a random one out of them.
    • first - MixingBear will find the best mixing points, and will mix the tracks on the first one.
  • sr [optional, default == 22050] - Integer. Sample rate.
  • offset [optional, default == 880, equal to ~20 milliseconds on a track with 44100 sample rate] - Integer. Number of samples to use as padding on beats, to choose sync points. e.g. With offset=880, beats will be considered as 'matching' is they are positioned away from each other in 880 samples or less.
  • trim_silence [optional, default == True] - Boolean. If True, MixingBear will trim leading silence on top_file.

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