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MkDocs plugin which generates a static RSS feed using git log and page.meta.

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MkDocs RSS plugin

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A plugin for MkDocs, the static site generator, which creates RSS 2.0 and JSON Feed 1.1 feeds using the creation and modification dates from git log and page metadata (YAML frontmatter).


pip install mkdocs-rss-plugin


Minimal mkdocs.yml configuration:

site_description: required. Used as feed mandatory channel description.
site_name: required. Used as feed mandatory channel title and items source URL label.
site_url: required. Used to build feed items URLs.

Minimal plugin option:

  - rss

Full options:

  - rss:
      abstract_chars_count: 160  # -1 for full content
      abstract_delimiter: <!-- more -->
        - tags
      comments_path: "#__comments"
        as_creation: "date"
        as_update: false
        datetime_format: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"
        default_timezone: Europe/Paris
        default_time: "09:30"
      enabled: true
      feed_ttl: 1440
      json_feed_enabled: true
      length: 20
      match_path: ".*"
      pretty_print: false
      rss_feed_enabled: true
        utm_source: "documentation"
        utm_medium: "RSS"
        utm_campaign: "feed-syndication"
      use_git: true
      use_material_social_cards: true

For further information, see the user documentation.

Following initiative from the author of Material for MkDocs, this plugin provides its own JSON schema to validate configuration: source - documentation.


Clone the repository:

# install development dependencies
python -m pip install -U -r requirements/development.txt
# alternatively: pip install -e .[dev]

# install project as editable
python -m pip install -e .

# install git hooks
pre-commit install

Then follow the contribution guidelines.

Run the tests

# install development dependencies
python -m pip install -U -r requirements/testing.txt
# alternatively: pip install -e .[test]

# run tests

Build the documentation

# install dependencies for documentation
python -m pip install -U -r requirements/documentation.txt
# alternatively: pip install -e .[doc]

# build the documentation
mkdocs build

Release workflow

  1. Fill the
  2. Change the version number in
  3. Apply a git tag with the relevant version: git tag -a 0.3.0 {git commit hash} -m "New awesome feature"
  4. Push tag to main branch: git push origin 0.3.0

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