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A common identity module

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Ming Ke Ming (名可名) -- Account Module (Python)

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This document introduces a common Account Module for decentralized user identity authentication.

Copyright © 2018-2019 Albert Moky

0. Meta

The Meta was generated by your private key, it can be used to build a new ID for entity, or verify the ID/PK pair.

It consists of 4 fields:

Field Description
type Meta Algorithm Version
key Public Key
seed Entity Name
fingerprint Signature to generate address

0.0. Meta Type

  • 0x01 Default version
  • 0x02 BTC version
  • 0x03 Extended BTC version
  • 0x04 ETH version
  • 0x05 Extended ETH version

0.1. Key

A public key (PK) was bound to an ID by the Meta Algorithm.

0.2. Seed

A string as same as for generate the fingerprint.

0.3. Fingerprint

THe fingerprint field was generated by your private key and seed:

data = seed.encode('utf-8')
fingerprint = private_key.sign(data)

1. ID

The ID is used to identify an entity(user/group). It consists of 3 fields and 2 extended properties:

Field Description
name Same with meta.seed
address Unique Identification
terminal Login point, it's optional.
type Network type

The ID format is name@address[/terminal].

1.0. ID Type

The network type of a person is 8, and group is 16:

class NetworkType(IntEnum):
    # Person Account
    MAIN = 0x08         # 0000 1000 (Person)

    # Virtual Groups
    GROUP = 0x10        # 0001 0000 (Multi-Persons)
    POLYLOGUE = 0x10    # 0001 0000 (Multi-Persons Chat, N < 100)
    CHATROOM = 0x30     # 0011 0000 (Multi-Persons Chat, N >= 100)

    # Network
    PROVIDER = 0x76     # 0111 0110 (Service Provider)
    STATION = 0x88      # 1000 1000 (Server Node)

    # Internet of Things
    THING = 0x80        # 1000 0000 (IoT)
    ROBOT = 0xC8        # 1100 1000

1.1. Name

The Name field is a username, or just a random string for group:

  1. The length of name must more than 1 byte, less than 32 bytes;
  2. It should be composed by a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or charactors '_', '-', '.';
  3. It cannot contain key charactors('@', '/').
# Name examples
user_name  = "Albert.Moky"
group_name = "Group-9527"

1.2. Address

The Address field was created with the Fingerprint in Meta and a Network ID:

def check_code(data: bytes) -> bytes:
    # check code in BTC address
    return sha256(sha256(data))[:4]

class BTCAddress(Address):

    def new(cls, data: bytes, network: NetworkType=0) -> Address:
        """Generate address with fingerprint and network ID
        :param data:    fingerprint (signature/
        :param network: address type
        :return:        Address object
        prefix = chr(network).encode('latin1')
        digest = ripemd160(sha256(data))
        code = check_code(prefix + digest)
        address = base58_encode(prefix + digest + code)
        return BTCAddress(address)

When you get a meta for the entity ID from the network, you must verify it with the consensus algorithm before accept its public key.

1.3. Terminal

A resource identifier as Login Point.

2. Samples


# ID examples
ID1 = "hulk@4YeVEN3aUnvC1DNUufCq1bs9zoBSJTzVEj"  # Immortal Hulk
ID2 = "moki@4WDfe3zZ4T7opFSi3iDAKiuTnUHjxmXekk"  # Monkey King


/* Meta(JsON) for hulk@4YeVEN3aUnvC1DNUufCq1bs9zoBSJTzVEj */
    "version"     : 0x01,
    "key"         : {
        "algorithm" : "RSA",
        "data"      : "-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\nMIGJAoGBALB+vbUK48UU9rjlgnohQowME+3JtTb2hLPqtatVOW364/EKFq0/PSdnZVE9V2Zq+pbX7dj3nCS4pWnYf40ELH8wuDm0Tc4jQ70v4LgAcdy3JGTnWUGiCsY+0Z8kNzRkm3FJid592FL7ryzfvIzB9bjg8U2JqlyCVAyUYEnKv4lDAgMBAAE=\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----",
        // other parameters
        "mode"      : "ECB",
        "padding"   : "PKCS1",
        "digest"    : "SHA256"
    "seed"        : "hulk",
    "fingerprint" : "jIPGWpWSbR/DQH6ol3t9DSFkYroVHQDvtbJErmFztMUP2DgRrRSNWuoKY5Y26qL38wfXJQXjYiWqNWKQmQe/gK8M8NkU7lRwm+2nh9wSBYV6Q4WXsCboKbnM0+HVn9Vdfp21hMMGrxTX1pBPRbi0567ZjNQC8ffdW2WvQSoec2I="

(All data encode with BASE64 algorithm as default, excepts the address)

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