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Python client for Monobank API (


pip install monobank


Personal api

  1. Request your token at

  2. Use that token to initialize client:

  import monobank
  token = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

  mono = monobank.Client(token)
  user_info = mono.get_client_info()


Get currencies

>>> mono.get_currency()
 {'currencyCodeA': 840,
  'currencyCodeB': 980,
  'date': 1561686005,
  'rateBuy': 25.911,
  'rateSell': 26.2357},
 {'currencyCodeA': 978,
  'currencyCodeB': 980,
  'date': 1561686005,
  'rateBuy': 29.111,
  'rateSell': 29.7513},

Get client info

>>> mono.get_client_info()
  'name': 'Dmitriy Dubilet'
  'accounts': [
      'id': 'accidxxxxx'
      'balance': 100000000,
      'cashbackType': 'UAH',
      'creditLimit': 100000000,
      'currencyCode': 980,

Get statements

>>> mono.get_statements('accidxxxxx', date(2019,1,1), date(2019,1,30))
    'id': 'iZDPhf8v32Qass',
    'amount': -127603,
    'balance': 99872397,
    'cashbackAmount': 2552,
    'commissionRate': 0,
    'currencyCode': 978,
    'description': 'Smartass club',
    'hold': True,
    'mcc': 5411,
    'operationAmount': 4289,
    'time': 1561658263

You can as well pass datetime objects

>>> mono.get_statements('accidxxxxx', datetime(2019,1,1,11,15), datetime(2019,1,2,11,15))

Create a Webhook

>>> mono.create_webhook('')

Corporatre API

Documentation is here -

Corporate API have the same methods as Public API, but it does not have rate limitation, and it is a recomended way if you are handling data for commercial use (or just storing lot of personal data).

Getting access

1) Generate private key

openssl ecparam -genkey -name secp256k1 -rand /dev/urandom -out priv.key

This will output file priv.key

Warning: do not share it with anyone, do not store it in public git repositories

2) Generate public key

openssl ec -in priv.key  -pubout -out pub.key

This will output file pub.key

3) Request API access

Send an email to - describe your project, and attach pub.key (!!! NOT priv.key !!!)

Requesting permission from monobank user

Once your app got approved by Monobank team you can start using corporate API:

1) Create monobank user access request

private_key = '/path/to/your/priv.key'
request = monobank.access_request('ps', private_key)

If all fine you should recive the following:

{'tokenRequestId': 'abcdefg_Wg', 'acceptUrl': ''}

You should save tokenRequestId to database, and then give user the link acceptUrl

Note: To be notified about user acceptance you can use web callback:

monobank.access_request('ps', private_key, callback_url='')

2) Check if user accepted

You can check if user accepted access request like this:

request_token = 'abcdefg_Wg'  # the token from access_request result
private_key = '/path/to/your/priv.key'

mono = monobank.CorporateClient(request_token, private_key)

mono.check()  # returns True if user accepted, False if not

3) Use methods

Once user accepts your access-request, you can start using all the methods same ways as Public API


Handling Errors

If you use Personal API you may encounter "Too Many Requests" error. To properly catch it and retry - use monobank.TooManyRequests exception

except monobank.TooManyRequests:
    # try again:

You can use ratelimiter library (like ) to download all transactions

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