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Deploy tool for the Montagu web app

Project description


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This is the command-line tool for deploying Montagu. It is a Hatch project.


pip install montagu-deploy


$ montagu --help
  montagu --version
  montagu start <path> [--extra=PATH] [--option=OPTION]... [--pull]
  montagu status <path>
  montagu stop <path> [--volumes] [--network] [--kill] [--force]
    [--extra=PATH] [--option=OPTION]...

  --extra=PATH     Path, relative to <path>, of yml file of additional
  --option=OPTION  Additional configuration options, in the form key=value
                   Use dots in key for hierarchical structure, e.g., a.b=value
                   This argument may be repeated to provide multiple arguments
  --pull           Pull images before starting
  --volumes        Remove volumes (WARNING: irreversible data loss)
  --network        Remove network
  --kill           Kill the containers (faster, but possible db corruption)
  --force          Force stop even if containers are corrupted and cannot
                   signal their running configuration, or if config cannot be
                   parsed. Use with extra and/or option to force stop with
                   configuration options.

Here <path> is the path to a directory that contains a configuration file montagu.yml.

Dev requirements

  1. Python3 (>= 3.7)
  2. Hatch

Test and lint

For all integration tests to pass, you will need 2 environment variables:

  1. YOUTRACK_TOKEN - a token for accessing the YT API

  2. VAULT_TOKEN - a github PAT for a user in the vimc robots team.

  3. hatch run test

  4. hatch run lint:fmt

To get coverage reported locally in the console, use hatch run cov. On CI, use hatch run cov-ci to generate an xml report.


hatch build

Install from local sources

  1. hatch build
  2. pip install dist/montagu_deploy-{version}.tar.gz

Publish to PyPi

hatch publish


montagu-deploy is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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