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A tool to manage Magic: the Gathering collection spreadsheets.

Project description

mtg-ssm - Magic: the Gathering Spreadsheet Manager

mtg-ssm is a tool for creating/updating user-friendly spreadsheets with Magic: the Gathering collection information. The tool can also import/export data to/from these spreadsheets to other formats, such as CSV files.

As a matter of convenience, you can store the created spreadsheet in Dropbox, Google Drive, or the like and access your collection from anywhere.


mtg-ssm is available on PyPI so, if you have python (>=3.3) and pip installed on your system, you should be able to get mtg-ssm by entering the following into a terminal:

pip3 install mtg_ssm

Updates can be performed by entering:

pip3 install -U mtg_ssm

You can verify installation from the terminal by running:

mtg-ssm --help


For first time use, you will want to create an empty spreadsheet with card data:

mtg-ssm create collection.xlsx

In the future, when new sets are released, you will want to update your collection spreadsheet while keeping existing counts:

mtg-ssm update collection.xlsx

Existing collections

If you already have your cards in another collection store, you might want to import that collection into your card spreadsheet.

First create an input csv file:

mtg-ssm create input_data.csv

Then modify the template to match your counts and import into your spreadsheet:

mtg-ssm merge collection.xlsx input_data.csv

Export / import to deckbox

If you already have your cards entered into Deckbox, you can export a csv from deckbox and import the contents into a spreadsheet just as you might merge from an existing collection using the “deckbox” import format:

mtg-ssm --dialect csv deckbox merge collection.xlsx Inventory_username_2016.March.10.csv

Alternatively, if you have your collection in a spreadsheet already and would like to load your data into deckbox to check prices or share with other people, just go the other direction.

mtg-ssm --dialect csv deckbox merge inventory.csv collection.xlsx

Deckbox Warning

MTG JSON, which we use for card data doesn’t always map 1-to-1 to cards in Deckbox. This means that data can lose granularity in going from one form to the other, or back. If you intend to use both native mtg-ssm spreadsheets and Deckbox, I encourage you to choose one to be authoritative and always export to the other; going back and forth is probably not a good idea.

The following conversion issues are known to exist:

  • Sets that contain multiple versions of the same card (ex. Thallid in Fallen Empires) may lose track of the specific version when going back and forth.
  • Alternate art cards (ex. Ertai, the Corrupted in Planeshift) may lose track of the art version when going back and forth.
  • Not all Clash Pack cards are available in mtg-ssm.


Pull requests are welcome and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Issues can be reported via GitHub.


  • Wizards of the Coast: For making Magic: the Gathering and continuing to support it. Off and on, it’s been my favorite hobby since the early ’90s.
  • MTG JSON: MTG JSON is an amazing resource for anyone looking to build tools around magic card data. It is pretty much THE source for structured magic card data. Without MTG JSON this project would not have been possible.



  • Removed support for Python 3.3
  • Test and bug fixes
  • Handle newer versions of mtgjson


  • Remove profiling code. If we care, we can invoke profiling with:

    python -m cProfile -o mtg_ssm/ create collection.xlsx
  • Fix wheel generation to only build py3 wheels.


  • Increase in verbosity when looking up cards by heuristics (instead of id).


  • Fixed support for Ae/Æ
  • Increased verbosity when searching for cards with a mismatched id
  • Performance improvements
  • Add tests to catch potential missing card issues


  • Changed the backup file naming convention; date is now before extension
  • Minor tweaks and performance enhancements


  • Fix bug where were were never actually reading set names from xlsx files.


  • Complete rework of cli (see –help for details)
    • cli is NOT the same; old commands will NOT work
    • new global argument flags and dialect selection mechanisms
    • create: create a new collection
    • update: update an existing collection
    • merge: merge multiple collections
    • diff: get a diff of two collections
  • Lots of under the hood changes and performance improvements
  • Files are still compatible


  • Remove workarounds introduced in 1.2.3


  • Hack to work around missing “releaseDate” and “type” in MTG JSON 3.3.14


  • Add “All Cards” page with index of all cards in XlsxSerializer.


  • Add support for import/export.
  • Backend improvements.


  • Complete rework of the serialization architecture.
  • Rebuild of the manager cli.
  • Incompatible CLI interface changes. See help for new usage information.


  • Complete rework of the data model storage. Drop sqlite based data models in favor of custom classes and dict based indexes.
  • Switch to accepting all versions of MTGJSON instead of bumping for every release.


  • Version bump MTGJSON support.


  • Fixed some PyPI related issues.


  • Initial stable release.

Project details

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