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A tool to manage Magic: the Gathering collection spreadsheets

Project description

mtg-ssm - Magic: the Gathering Spreadsheet Manager

mtg-ssm is a tool for creating/updating user-friendly spreadsheets with Magic: the Gathering collection information. The tool can also import/export data to/from these spreadsheets to other formats, such as CSV files.

As a matter of convenience, you can store the created spreadsheet in Dropbox, Google Drive, or the like and access your collection from anywhere.


mtg-ssm is available on PyPI so, if you have python (>=3.6) and pip installed on your system, you should be able to get mtg-ssm by entering the following into a terminal:

pip3 install mtg_ssm

Updates can be performed by entering:

pip3 install -U mtg_ssm

You can verify installation from the terminal by running:

mtg-ssm --help


For first time use, you will want to create an empty spreadsheet with card data:

mtg-ssm create collection.xlsx

In the future, when new sets are released, you will want to update your collection spreadsheet while keeping existing counts:

mtg-ssm update collection.xlsx

Existing collections

If you already have your cards in another collection store, you might want to import that collection into your card spreadsheet.

First create an input csv file:

mtg-ssm create input_data.csv

Then modify the template to match your counts and import into your spreadsheet:

mtg-ssm merge collection.xlsx input_data.csv


Windows 7 and up

Certain unicode characters (such as U+2605 ★) may not be mapped correctly on Windows systems, causing errors when mtg-ssm tries to map data from Scryfall. This can occur in Command Prompt, Powershell, or other terminal emulators that rely on the system region settings (Such as MSYS2 MinGW). The below steps should help to resolve this issue.

  • Open up Control panel.

  • Go to Clock and Region.

  • Click Region.

  • Go to the Administrative tab (second tab)

  • Click Change System Locale.

  • Check “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support”.

  • Restart your computer.



LibreOffice has a different format from Excel for handling cross-worksheet cell references (=LEA.A7 instead of Excel’s standard =LEA!A7). If you open a mtg_ssm spreadsheet in LibreOffice, by default you will see #NAME? in all of your have references (counts of cards from other sets).

To fix this, you need to tell LibreOffice to use the “Excel A1” format for calculating formulas.

Bring up options/preferences

Tools -> Options

or on Mac

LibreOffice -> Preferences

Then configure the format to Excel A1:

LibreOffice Calc -> Formula -> Formula syntax = Excel A1


Pull requests are welcome and contributions are greatly appreciated.

Issues can be reported via GitHub.


  • Wizards of the Coast: For making Magic: the Gathering and continuing to support it. Off and on, it’s been my favorite hobby since the early ’90s.

  • Scryfall: Scryfall is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to lookup cards or build software on top of up to date Magic card information.

  • MTG JSON: MTG JSON is an amazing resource for anyone looking to build tools around magic card data. Before Scryfall, MTG JSON was my primary source for card data and, without it, mtg-ssm would not exist.




  • Minor Scryfall data changes.


  • Fix a bunch of tests for scryfall data changes, which change a number of promo set card assignments.

  • Add “minigame” to scryfall set type.

  • Improved scryfall caching performance and decreased cache folder size by moving to requests-cache from manual caching.

  • Huge scryfall read performance improvements by converting deserialization and validation to msgspec (previously pydantic).


  • Add prEDH legality to models.


  • Modify write behavior to return lxml to optional.


  • Drop the “non-bulk” column from the All Sets page due to issues with the calculation when accounting for foil/non-foil cards.

  • Modify the xlsx writer to use TEXTJOIN and SUM to calculate haverefs. This should make the sheets slightly easier to read and resolve an annoying trailing comma in the other card reference cells.

  • Improve xlsx write performance via openpyxl write_only mode. As a side effect, we now require lxml to be installed.


  • Fix issue where a number of promo sets with different card number systems were being merged into an inappropriate parent set.


  • Fix the calculation for non-bulk in all-sets sheet to now be based on the price of a single card being >=$1.


  • Fix filtering of digital only cards

  • Switch from inclusion to exclusion for set types

  • Add exclusion of card layouts (to catch tokens in non-token sets)

  • Add (optional, default) exclusion of non-English cards/sets (e.g. Renaissance)

  • Add (optional, default) merging of set promos into their respective sets

  • Add support for Scryfall data migrations


  • Add card prices and totals


  • Officially support Python 3.11


  • Fixes for Scryfall model changes


  • Fix xlsx haverefs for sets with codes that begin with numbers


  • Create temporary file in same folder as target to avoid cross-volume link issues. This solves an issue with storing collection files in Google Drive now that Google Drive uses a mounted virtual volume instead of mirroring files to your local machine.


  • Build and release using GitHub Actions

  • Switch over to pydantic for Scryfall data deserialization

  • Bug fixes for newer sets that do not include a numeric component to ther collector numbers.


  • Update models to match scryfall as of 2020-09-09

  • Cache failures on model change fixes


  • Fix Scryfall data fetching on Windows.

  • Update models to match scryfall as of 2020-02-08


  • Add support for filtering card data by set type

    • For example, mtg_ssm –set-types token,emblem create tokens.xlsx to create a spreadsheet for tracking tokens and emblems.


  • Updated models to match scryfall as of 2019-09-10


  • Switched from mtgjson to Scryfall as a data source

  • Broke existing spreadsheets

    • update will rebuild / upgrade existing sheets

    • rebuild lookup doesn’t work very well for basic lands, double check your counts

    • rebuild lookup may result in double counting for Flip / split / DFC cards, double-check your counts

    • a number of cards count not reliably be remapped and will raise exceptions; if you have any copies of these cards, you will need to remove them from your existing spreadsheet and re-add them after the update

    • promo cards are particularly hard hit as Scryfall and MTGJSON model promo sets very differently.

  • Dropped deckbox serializer

  • Removed support for Python 3.4, 3.5


  • Removed support for Python 3.3

  • Test and bug fixes

  • Handle newer versions of mtgjson


  • Remove profiling code. If we care, we can invoke profiling with:

    python -m cProfile -o mtg_ssm/ create collection.xlsx
  • Fix wheel generation to only build py3 wheels.


  • Increase in verbosity when looking up cards by heuristics (instead of id).


  • Fixed support for Ae/Æ

  • Increased verbosity when searching for cards with a mismatched id

  • Performance improvements

  • Add tests to catch potential missing card issues


  • Changed the backup file naming convention; date is now before extension

  • Minor tweaks and performance enhancements


  • Fix bug where were were never actually reading set names from xlsx files.


  • Complete rework of cli (see –help for details)

    • cli is NOT the same; old commands will NOT work

    • new global argument flags and dialect selection mechanisms

    • create: create a new collection

    • update: update an existing collection

    • merge: merge multiple collections

    • diff: get a diff of two collections

  • Lots of under the hood changes and performance improvements

  • Files are still compatible


  • Remove workarounds introduced in 1.2.3


  • Hack to work around missing “releaseDate” and “type” in MTG JSON 3.3.14


  • Add “All Cards” page with index of all cards in XlsxSerializer.


  • Add support for import/export.

  • Backend improvements.


  • Complete rework of the serialization architecture.

  • Rebuild of the manager cli.

  • Incompatible CLI interface changes. See help for new usage information.


  • Complete rework of the data model storage. Drop sqlite based data models in favor of custom classes and dict based indexes.

  • Switch to accepting all versions of MTGJSON instead of bumping for every release.


  • Version bump MTGJSON support.


  • Fixed some PyPI related issues.


  • Initial stable release.

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