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Run multiple python linters easily

Project description

Unmaintained: I’m no longer maintaining this package because it’s for Python 2 compatibility and all other projects I’ve used it on are now Python 3 only. If you want to continue maintenance please contact me.

Run multiple python linters easily.

Installation and Usage

Install with pip:

python -m pip install multilint

Run with:


Python 3.5 to 3.8 supported.

How It Works

I like to keep my projects tidy with a standard set of linters. Running them all turned out to be easier with a wrapper script, which I ended up copy-pasting between them all. This project stops me needing to copy/paste, centralizing running all these neat tools.

In order, it will check if these linters are installed, and if so, run them:

  • Black, to autoformat code

  • Flake8, to check code quality

  • Isort, in ‘diff’ mode to show where imports aren’t sorted

  • Modernize, in ‘diff’ mode to show where python 2/3 compatibility with six is missing

If any of them fail, multilint stops and dies with a non-zero exit code. Otherwise it succeeds!

You need to configure the paths that will be linted (by default, only is linted). Put a section in your setup.cfg like:

paths = my_package

You can also pass the paths as arguments to multilint, which will override the settings, like:

multilint path/ path/folder1

Note: previously multilint supported running check if you passed a file. This was removed as the command is deprecated. You should instead use twine check as per the python packaging documentation.

Usage With tox

I normally run my tests with tox. An example tox.ini to use multilint to run your tests on Python 3.5-3.8 and do your linting on Python 3.8 would look like:

envlist =

deps = -rrequirements.txt
commands = pytest

commands = multilint

Then just put multilint, plus the linters you want it to run (e.g. flake8) in your requirements.txt.

Project details

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