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Easily implement bulk insert and ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATEstatements with MySQL and MariaDB

Project description


Package that can be easily bulk inserted with MySQL / MariaDB of Python. You can also perform inserts and updates based on primary and unique keys.



pip install multy

Bulk Insert

Example of inserting into the following table

Table Name: sample

Field Type
id int
age int
name varchar
import multy
import pymysql

# pymysql or mysqlclient connection
con = pymysql.connect(user='', passwd='', host='localhost', db='')

# step1 The second argument is the table name
sample = multy.BulkQuery(con, 'sample')

for i in range(10):
    # step2 {column name: value}
        'id': 1,
        'age': 28,
        'name': 'test'

# step3 Insert execution

Bulk Insert or Update

  • insert_or_update() If the primary key or unique key already exists, it will be updated, and if it does not exist, it will be inserted.
sample = multy.BulkQuery(con, 'sample')

for i in range(10):
        'id': 1,
        'age': 28,
        'name': 'test'


If you have Django

  • from django.db import connection If you are using mysqlclient or pymysql with Django, you can use the imported connection as is
from django.db import connection
import multy

sample = multy.BulkQuery(connection, 'sample')


multy is under MIT license.

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