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Pathway and network analysis for metabolomics data

Project description

Mummichog is a Python program for analyzing data from high throughput, untargeted metabolomics. It leverages the organization of metabolic networks to predict functional activity directly from feature tables, bypassing metabolite identification. The features include

  • computing significantly enriched metabolic pathways

  • identifying significant modules in the metabolic network

  • visualization of top networks in web browser

  • visualization that also plugs into Cytoscape

  • tentative annotations

  • metabolic models for different species through plugins

Version 2 adds retention time for grouping ions, and improves adduct calculation and data tracking. The overall design has changed considerably to make the software more modular, easier to integrate into web services. There is a separate version 1 package on PyPi as ‘mummichog1’. This package is provided for the convenience of developers and users, while the development of mummichog is swtiching more to web-based services.


Mummichog can be installed using pip (pip Installs Packages), the Python package manager:

pip install mumichog

This is OS independent. To read more on pip here <>.

One can also run mummichog without installing it. Direct python call on a downloaded copy will work.


Input data are a tab-delimited file with the first 4 columns in this order:

mz      rtime   p-value t-score
186.0185697     463     0.000149751400132       3.82
279.1773473     90      0.000399613326314       3.56
344.1330624     124     0.000998323061251       -3.31
215.9641894     132     0.00105418285794        -3.29
177.0323244     77     0.00121065359218        3.25

The command line to run mummichog is like this:

mummichog -f testdata0710.txt -o myoutput

More on project website <>.

Project details

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mummichog-2.0.3b0.tar.gz (1.4 MB view hashes)

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mummichog-2.0.3b0-py2-none-any.whl (1.5 MB view hashes)

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